Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

I apologize in advance for this post. I'm not exactly in a sober state right now. My options right now are to stay awake and purge my thoughts to the Internet or to go to bed. I'm not exactly ready to call it a night yet, but all my options for continuing the evening seem to be falling through which leads me to the geeky alternative of INTERNETS!!!

I had a super fun evening at my friend Steph's, which at some point, about two bottles of wine later, involved a telling of the Mom Story as best of my recollection, to a group of people I only know through Twitter. And yet, they are some of my favorite people in the world. It was so fun to finally meet the DSM Twitter crew in Real Life, or at least most/some of them. Plus it was fun to see Steph's completely awesome new loft apartment (WANT!) and just hang out for the evening. Even if I was too lazy to find attire that wasn't tshirt and jeans.

Since this is my personal blog, I am going to assume that no one is going to judge me for being completely stupid and still really fuzzy from the almost two bottles of Reisling I've consumed this evening. Or any punctuation/spelling/grammar errors that will likely occur, since even though I am a complete grammar nazi, I am not in a full sound state of mind to catch everything. DO NOT JUDGE ME. This is my personal space to be a complete dumbass so, again, I expect anyone that reads this to be completely aware of this. I guess the paranoia is occurring from the fact that the world has shrunk a lot these days and I have no idea who my audience is and I know this could be a bad reflection upon myself, but you know what? If you know me at all, you know that sometimes I'm an idiot. I'd apologize but we all know it happens to the best of us and so I can't quite bring msyelf to shut up, because that would be censoring myself, and I value my First Amendment rights above almost anything else. Although I will correct my typos as I see them...


It's Saturday night, well, technically, Sunday morning, about two minutes til 1. I'm a bit restless right now... I'm home earlier than I think I was ready to be... I would have been content to hang out with my friends a little longer. I finally got to meet a lot of my tweeps in real life, and it was super fun. I felt the need to be witty and clever, though, to be as cool as everyone else in the room. I probably failed at this, but I pulled out my wild card: the Mom Story. I tried to tell the whole saga after I'd consumed two bottles of wine and was ready to not care that my dysfunctional life was on display, and besides, it's a great story. I've got some severe self-esteem issues, or something. I'm constantly searching for approval and acceptance. Even if I weren't... shit, it's a great story. I need to write it down someday. Or at least tape record it so I can catch it all. I don't know how many times I had to backtrack, though. The last few years are almost too bizarre to actually believe... but I swear, it's all true. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP. I'm really proud of myself for not being in intensive therapy right now. I know I'm stronger than I realize. I also know that most of it isn't my problem. I also know that I've been able to distance myself enough to be okay. Still, the old adage that every woman turns into her mother... terrifies me. I love my mother, but I do NOT want to repeat her mistakes. I hope I'm smarter than that. I hope I realize when I get myself into a mess that has no possible redemption. When I get involved with the wrong guy and when shit goes wrong, to get the hell out. If not... well, I'm lucky to have enough friends that will slap the shit out of me back to reality, because I'm lucky enough to have a really, really awesome core group of friends that I can count on. I love my friends. I don't know if I've ever really emphasized this enough. Maybe being intoxicated is the only time I can let my guard down enough to really admit that I am not as independent as I like to think... that my friends have saved my life more than I can admit. I owe them everything. I don't know that they know this. Either way... *I* know it, and that's maybe enough.

I am listening to the most ridiculous music right now. I kind of enjoy it. Right now, Ace of Base. Because who doesn't love '90s music? Sadly, that was the era I "grew up" in. Whatever. It's all good. Music right now mostly sucks so at least I have cheesy classics to be nostalgic about.

Anyway, I have been accused of being extremely vague on this blog (thanks Steph) which I know is probably true. Well you are in luck because I am in just the state of mind to be willing to spill some of the "juicy" details of my life. Oh who am I kidding, I don't have juicy details... but I will try to fill in some of the gaps.

First.... if you have been privy to any of the Mom Drama that has occurred, well, ever, I have a new installment for you... but this is required to be told in real life. It's just not the same without the hand gesturing and the flailing and the high-octave tone of voice. If you're NOT privy, then you need the backstory... and that's just too much to type. So that requires an IRL experience as well. Either way, if you need an update, you should know how to reach me, and I'll get you filled in.

Ok I'm back. Late night ADD or something.

If I was smart, I'd go to bed. Instead, I'm up whining about various life issues to a friend from ISU that is currently working up in Canada of all places. Because who else is awake at 2 am on Saturday/Sunday morning? Ha.

So, my angst of late consists of the following issues: 1. I am poor. Beyond poor. My deposit check for my new apartment has not been cashed yet, which gives me a false sense of having more money than I actually have. All of my April paychecks will go toward rent for April & May, so whatever money I have NOW is earmarked for my April bills. I'm hoping I can scrape by on my plasma money. I might have to ask my dad for money. I hate doing that. But I might have to... especially since I'm on the cusp of advancing to an intermediate level of taekwondo which means I will need to buy some sparring protective gear which is hella expensive. 2. I am currently infatuated with a boy I have no business being infatuated with, and probably isn't even interested, which is the entire extent of information that you will get out of me. Still, ANGST. It's like I'm fifteen again. Goody. 3. Did I mention I am super poor? Blah. I can't wait to move into my new apartment and not be crippled with super high rent. 4. MOM DRAMA AAAAAAH. Again, I will not blog about it, but I will be happy to tell you about it if you ask. It's just... well... Not a story I want splayed across the Internet.

Anyway. It's now 2:30 in the morning, and while I could very easily keep rambling for the duration of my being awake, I am going to, instead, shut up and drink some water. I am also not getting out of bed before noon tomorrow. I am not even going to answer my phone before that, so don't even try. xoxo.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pet Peeve Ranty Storytime: Artistic Compromise

Things I am not okay with:

Compromising artistic integrity and vision.

Especially for money.

Case in point: a rumor, however substantiated or unsubstantiated, that Warner Brothers is going to retool the movie Watchmen because it's not drawing in the crowds it wanted. The movie, from what I can tell (or have been told) stays very true to its original graphic novel. To me, that means that the story was the author/illustrator's vision, and you shouldn't fuck with it. But, unfortunately, it's a smart movie. As in, you have to be smart to "get" it. It's possible to understand the movie without knowing the whole backstory or having read the original graphic novel, case in point: me, but it's not spoon-fed to you like, say, Spiderman.

Apparently, society is just too freaking dumb to handle it, and so they're going to bastardize the whole thing to make it more appealing. Yes, it's a violent movie. Yes, it's somewhat sexually explicit. (Most movies these days are both of these things.) Yes, it jumps around. Yes, there is a backstory you have to pay attention to. Yes, it makes you think. Boo freaking hoo.

Pasting in below, the offending text, supposedly a quote from a story Variety, posted on an Internet message board. It makes me simultaneously peeved beyond belief and also want to cry. What the hell is wrong with the world that we have to keep making things dumber? It's unsettling.

As blockbuster superhero epic "Watchmen" continues to underperform expectations at the box office, Warner Brothers announced that a "stripped-down" version is in the works for a late 2009 theatrical release. A press release Monday detailed some of the potential changes.

"The numbers, while impressive, have confirmed that the film alienates casual viewers," WB Vice President Andrew Coulter said. "In order to broaden Watchmen's reach, we will re-envision the project in a format that will allow a larger audience to enjoy it, all while preserving its visionary message."

"Watchmen," directed by Zack Snyder ("300") is
the latest in a string of comic-to-movie adaptations. Unlike mega-hits such as "Spiderman" and "The Dark Knight," "Watchmen" has struggled to fill theaters. The movie has been cited for its length, non-linear complex plot, adult content and unconventional characters.

"One of the main problems, which didn't come out in the test audiences, is that people don't understand which of the characters have superpowers and which don't," said marketing chief Robert Sperry in an e-mail interview. "To this end, we're going to give each member of the Watchmen team a specific power, which they will use over the course of the film. For example, Nite Owl will be able to fly (thanks to his jet sneakers) and Rorschach will be able to mind-read. This will help audiences feel like they're really watching superheros onscreen."

The movie's length will be shortened to around 2 hours, with the expository flashbacks which fleshed out the original being severely trimmed. Warner has said that it will request a re-rating of PG-13 for the new edit, and plans to cut out most of the onscreen violence. The radioactive Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup), who was nude in the original, will now wear a dark loincloth.

"I don't think audiences will necessarily mind," said Sperry. "If you're seeing Watchmen just for the sex and violence, then you're seeing it for the wrong reasons. We want this to be a movie that people can think deeply about, without being distracted by unnecessary gore."

Also being re-worked is the movie's soundtrack, which originally featured tracks such as "99 Luftballoons" and "All Along the Watchtower." Th
e edit, targeting teenage audiences, will substitute in selections from alternative artists Muse, Papa Roach and Weezer. "This was all Zack [Snyder]," said Sperry.

Watchmen, premiering as "Watchmen: Doomsday Edit," will be in theaters November 2009.

I am just really, really disappointed in the film industry if this does, in fact, turn out to be true.

Watchmen Film Poster

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ready, Set, Blog!

Ok, so for reals, I'm going to start blogging regularly again. Even if I don't have much to say. Like tonight. This is, again, why I have a crappy little personal blog and not some fancy themed blog, because lord knows my thoughts are all over the place and trying to talk about one single thing all the time would clearly not work.

Besides, the whole point of this blog is for me to bitch and rant about life anyway, right? Well I guess that is rapidly becoming the point. Cause that's all I do.

So, first things first, since I suck at updates - I have a new apartment for August. My subleasers finally came through for me and signed the papers, and I signed my papers. Naturally, of course, there was some other charge that I hadn't seen coming in the process, so it cost a little more, so they didn't have enough on them to pay the full deposit I wanted, but I've become such a softie that I'm all, "oh, it's okay, pay me what you can!" So now I wait for the rest of it. I'm juggling my finances around to make sure all my payments are taken care of on my end, but I think I have a Plan, and I was able to get a forbearance on my loans until August, which is going to be a huge relief, because I haven't been able to make my payments. It'll all shake out, I'm sure, but... I continue to hate money. I hate not having it. I stand by my belief that I'd rather be happy than rich, but at this point, it's not that I want to be rich, it's that I want to be financially stable. That would actually make me happy. Then I wouldn't have to worry so much.

Moving on. There was mom drama on Saturday. Of epic proportions. If you want to know the story, let me know. I'll tell you. But I'm not blogging it. Though I did tell her today that I was going to make my millions at her expense and she just smiley-faced at me. I think she knows the whole thing is a fucking ball of crazy. Whatever. She still hasn't actually told me anything about Saturday yet, I only know what I know because of my sister, who quite frankly, is a more accurate reflection of truth anyway. I don't even want to know how my mother would frame it/rationalize it. Efffffff. It just continues to amaze me that it continues to get worse. I mean, really. You cannot make this shit up. I would not be able to market it as nonfiction. No one would believe it for a minute.

OH well. This is me brushing my hands of it. I have more things to bitch about, anyway. Like... how UPS gave me crappy customer service today. I ordered some new checks, cause I was out, and since I need them to pay my rent and what of my bills that I can't pay online, I figured I should get more. Well most check companies send them via the postal service. I expected to get a little slip in my mailbox and make a trip to the post office. No, apparently these went ground. So on Sunday I happened to notice the little UPSy post it on the main door saying "2nd Attempt" and I went "hoshit, when was the first attempt? when are they coming again" (once, of course, I realized what it was, because it was requiring a signature. Which is why they didn't just dump it on my doorstep, which would have peeved me even more. UNSAFE.) So naturally it was today. Naturally I work all day. So I call their phone number first thing this morning since I'm starting to do better at being awake on time. And the lady I talked to was mean. Rude. Cross. I don't even know. Basically she did nothing to help me out or even offer me any options. Instead she was like, snappy, and was like, "well it shouldn't be signature required and they should just leave at your door, I don't know why they are doing it that way." And I'm all, "Well I don't WANT it left on my doorstep, I don't know my neighbors, and, well, these are financial documents and I don't want to deal with fraud and identity theft and all that." Only I couldn't really explain that to her because she wouldn't let me. She basically left me with zero options. So I stomped off to work in a huff (well, I drove in a huff). Naturally my foul mood was reflected on Twitter. Well at some point my supervisor emails me about my "inappropriate" comments about UPS and that I should be aware that I have a wide audience that includes the management team and I should probably consider retracting those statements. After the intial "...shit...." feeling, I stomped to twitter and deleted them. (Lots of proverbial stomping today. I blame the rain.) The most inappropriate thing I could find was that I called them assholes and said they were ruining my day. Apparently this was enough for someone to complain. I don't know. I realize we work with UPS, sort of, in the sense that we mostly work with FedEx, and we ship things, but whatever. I'm entitled to be crabby. So I thought. But mostly I felt really... censored. And we all KNOW how much I love censorship. It's my goddamn First Amendment right to say whatever the hell I want. I'm not hurting anybody. But, on the flipside, I'd also rather not piss off management because I'd like to keep my job thankyouverymuch, so I gave in. I mean, my initial instinct was to block everyone of importance and put my updates under privacy lockdown, but that kind of defeats the point and spirit of Twitter and so I didn't really want to do that. STILL. I don't like being robbed of my opinions. I don't really think I said anything bad but, whatever, I'm not here to offend people. I feel like there's a double standard in place though because I know there are people I work with that get away with a hell of a lot more than I try to, and I'm always the one that gets called on it. Sucks. But, again, whatever. I love my job and I don't particularly want to jeopardize it because some lady was obnoxious to me on the phone. (And for those of you that are wondering, I went to the UPS Store to see if I could pick it up, and the minion there was actually pleasant and somewhat helpful and told me to go to the customer center at the east end of town between 7-8 because all the trucks shold be back and I could get it there. So my TKD class gets done at 6:30 and I didn't want to drive all the way home, again, because I'd already made two trips to make sure that they DIDN'T leave my boxes of checks on my doorstep, and the customer center was closer, so I went there, and they were all, aaaaactually that guy is still out doing deliveries and he hasn't been to your complex yet, you can probably still catch him. ooomph. So I hop in my trusty beast of a car and head home, and sure enough, about twenty minutes later, there he was. I had no idea they delivered that late in the evening, but whatever. Story has reached a conclusion and my checks were not stolen from my hallway and my beef has cooled but I'll still probably have everything shipped to me at work from now until I move and have an actual little porchy-entryway for them to leave things in.) Also, I'm back to my normal PG-rated tweets, and let's hope I don't get in trouble for whining about getting in trouble on my blog. (Although I took it much more personally than it was probably meant, and I think she meant it as more of a friendly reminder that, hey, people are listening to you, or something. Still, I felt very defensive for a while but kept my mouth shut. I need a social filter. I wonder if they sell them on Ebay.)

Wow, that was a long paragraph, sorry. I'm probably just a big ball of PMS this week anyway which is probably why I'm getting crabby so easily and why it doesn't take much to flip me off my handle and swear like a truck driver. (In fairness, I swear like a truck driver anyway.) It's apparently Angry PMS month as opposed to the usual Emotional Cry-ey PMS which has been the trend as of late. I think it's actually easier just to be emotional than pissy. For one thing, it keeps me out of trouble. Because I don't know when to shut my trap and I will eventually do or say something that will make a huge ass of myself or worse, and I will be left with no recourse but to bang my head repeatedly against the nearest hard surface.

Also, I need to do laundry. I don't know why I keep putting it off, it's not like I'm stockpiling up so that I can do it for free at home. I just hate coin-op communal laundry. It is Inconvenient with a capital I. And I can probably skate by a few more days without doing it, as long as I dress up for work. Or, upon reflection, I can make it through tomorrow, and after that, I'm going to have to get creative. FINE I will do laundry tomorrow. Yeesh.

I could probably ramble like this for hours. Fortunately for anyone actually reading this, I probably won't. And here I thought I had nothing to talk about. Wait, no, I thought I had nothing to talk about once I withheld all the good stuff. If I was more inclined to author a tell-all blog, you'd be hearing some serious angst.

Instead, you get boring shit like "I need to do laundry" and "Hey I'm moving" and "long boring story with no plot or punchline" - how could you pass THAT up?

That's it, I'm out. I'll post something short and sweet next time, I promise.

Moral Conundrums, And Other Such Pain In The Ass Things

I've been back and forth on this... For as many times as I've told/retold this story, I'm wondering if it might be time to just write the damn thing down for posterity. I'm talking about the story of the drama with my mother. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother... but her life saga as of late would trump even the best of today's fiction. You just can't make this shit up.

There are a few things that keep me from doing this.

1. It would take forever to write. I would inevitably forget some detail here or there. If I'm going to write it down, it needs to be the complete and unabridged story, to the best of my recollection, for better or worse. No detail left behind!

2. It makes for a much better story to tell in person. What with the hand-flailing and the wild gesturing and the octave-raising that my voice has a tendency to do. It's all about emphasis.

3. I can't control who sees it, and, thus, who knows how fucked up my life has gotten. Invariably, however, whoever asks, I tell, so I don't see this as being that solid of a reason.

4. If my mother ever happened to stumble upon it, well... She knows the story, obviously, but I think if she read the whole thing from my POV, it would break whatever was left of her heart and create another irreparable rift (or, at least, you know, for as long as they last).

I fear, then, that it's maybe something that is best suited in the realms away from the Internet. Yet, this being said, it makes it impossible for me to provide updates as I really, really, really want to do right now, because you need the entire backstory and context. Which, until I feel comfortable providing, creates kind of a hurdle.

Maybe I'll type it up anyway. Then if you want to read/hear it, you can either (a) ask and I'll email it (b) buy me a drink and get the full theatrical experience.

Until then... I know I owe some people some updates. I'll have my people call your people. It's good stuff.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Now, Bitches?

I'm probably one of the best ramblers and sharers of irrelevant information that I know, and yet I seem to be sucking at keeping up my blog lately. For which I apologize. I'm sure there are many updates to be made but my lunch did not make friends with my stomach so I'm not going to expel much effort into the process of blogging today. Instead I will just share one of my new favorite amusements, courtesy of FailBlog and XKCD's Randall Munroe.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yesterday, In Review

Wednesdays. How I both love and loathe thee.

I'd been hitting a productivity slump at work but something about yesterday... I don't know, I kicked ass and took names all day. Despite my rather-constant presence on Twitter. I think taking little mini-breaks like that to check everyone's tweets kind of breaks things up enough to let me focus better and not lose my mind. Either way... I barrelled through my to-do list like a champ. Ten points.

I also ate a Peep. I do not recommend this. They were there, I was tempted, I thought, hey, maybe this time, I'll eat one, and it will be tasty... It was a decision I instantly regretted. However, we've been having several discussions on microwaving them, and God help me, I WILL explode a peep in a microwave before this Easter candy season is over.

Then, there are dollar pints at Olde Main. Oh, the dollar pints. After the week I'd been having, I was looking forward to them. I ended up getting stupid drunk and probably made a complete ass of myself with the people from work I was with. Oh well, I guess there's not much I can do about it at this point. I only had five... more like four and a half, they took my last one away from me and made me drink my water. Ok, I guess five is a lot, given the size. I, unfortunately, DO remember the evening and thus I can recall what a complete dumbass I was being. For instance, I remember nearly poking my left eye out because I talk with my hands and my thumb got a little too close to my face... I also remember emphatically pounding my fist on the table to make a point and came home with a giant puffy bruise on the side of my hand (hey, the table edges were SHARP!). It's actually still puffy. I also remember using my cleavage to make some sort of point, God help me if I remember what the point was supposed to BE, but dammit, they were my strongest asset at the time. I'm cringing just thinking back about it. I also was told that I reminded someone of Elaine from Seinfeld. I'm not sure how to take that.

Again, though, oh well. I was MOSTLY well-behaved and I didn't drive home until I'd sobered up enough to do so, so we'll call it a draw. It's not like I can erase it. I can only hope everyone else was equally inebriated and doesn't remember...

Then, because karma decided to punish me for going out during the week, I was incredibly sick today. I'm sure the copious amounts of beer did NOT help the situation, but I am well familiar with how my body reacts to a long night of drinking and it wasn't quite the same. I think the beer was just an instigator... although of course everyone probably assumed I just stayed home because I was hungover. Whatever. Probably serves me right.

In other news... my sublease finally got signed (yay) so I can sign my new lease (yay) so I can move this summer and get that transition out of the way. I am so looking forward to having that extra money per month. And everything else that I have come to associate with that apartment. It will be good.

My cat turned one year old today, and my mother actually sent a birthday card in the mail. She cracks me up sometimes.

Also in the mail today was a letter from one of my friends that I haven't spoken to in , well, longer than it should be, especially for how close we used to be. The damn thing made me cry. Hopefully we can get back on track with being good friends again. I do miss how close we used to be and it sucks that we've fallen so out of touch.

But, enough with the sappy. My point for the day is that Wednesdays are dangerous, albeit productive. Or something. Umm. yeah. That was it. My point. That... I apparently had when I started writing.

Oh hey look at the time...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Evaluation of the Glass Half Full/Half Empty Scenario is Entirely Dependent Upon What Is In The Glass

I don't even really know how to start this since it's inevitably going to wind up being a pity-party bitchfest no matter how I frame it, so I guess the only thing to really do is jump in and start whining.

I've been having an off week. If I can even declare that this early on. It's Tuesday. Everyone is blaming Daylight Savings Time, but I won't. It actually makes me rather happy for it to still be light out when I finally stumble out of the office. Like I'm not actually wasting my life away in front of a computer screen, at a desk, shit, well, that's not much different than what I do when I go home, but that's neither here nor there. No, it's not the sudden time change. I don't know what it is. Maybe I could guess. It would involve being a lot more verbally hypothetical and open than I usually am on here, so I won't. But I have an idea. We'll leave it at that.

It's a lot of things. I've been having a lot of negative thoughts lately. About my self, and how I look, what I'm doing with my life, what I'm not doing with my life, what I have, what I don't have, and why. I like where I am. I love my job, and my friends, and my life as it currently is unfolding... but I'm not thinking ahead, big picture. I don't care about the big picture. The big picture has always overwhelmed me. I mean, obviously, I'd like to move forward. Move up. Something. Standing still isn't an option... but for now, I am content. There are pieces of my life that are probably glaringly missing, and sometimes I notice, sometimes I don't. I've been noticing off and on, a lot more lately... I'm in no dire hurry to remedy the situation, I'm maybe poking my toes in the water here and there, but quite honestly, I'm in no hurry to jump in, and get all tangled up and messy and such when I am perfectly content to sit on the shore and gaze out to sea. And to be honest, the fear of outright drowning is a little bit hindering too. How's that for a vague yet consistent metaphor? Ha.

Something more tangible, which I am going to go ahead and feel free to bitch about to my heart's content, because it is my blog, after all, is how absurdly unattractive I've felt lately. I know I'm not "ugly" and could probably pass as marginally pretty, but I feel... well I can't even think of a word for how I feel. I know I'm not thin, and that's always been okay. I've put on quite a bit of weight since moving to this town however many years ago, and it's always bothered me, but it's always something I've felt I've been able to put on the backburner and not dwell on. But the last couple days I've just felt so uncomfortable in my own skin and it's really starting to bother me. I think the problem came when I cut my hair... I like the length, it's the same length I cut it last summer when I chopped it off, it's much easier to take care of and style... but short hair tends to frame my face and, well, it makes my face look really fat. There. I said it. That's probably why I get so attached to my long hair. I can hide behind it. I can't hide the rest of myself but maybe, just maybe, if I my hair is long enough, I can hide the edges of my face. And my chin(s). God I hate my chin right now. I hate looking at myself in the mirror right now. I feel so hideously unattractive and it's just... shitty. I'm not PMSing, I'm not trying to fish for compliments, I'm just saying. I don't like how I feel about myself right now. I know I'm being trivial and petty but dammit sometimes I just want to stop being smart and (usually) sensible and just be shallow and allow myself the insecurities that are always lurking right beneath the surface.

So, there. That's that. I'm in a weird, self-loathing, confused funk, and I apologize to no one. So STFU and don't leave me any berating comments. kthnx.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life Lately

Welcome back to Kellytime Story Hour. I've really neglected this blog lately and I apologize. Especially since my memory apparently only goes back to the most recent of events and so anything between the last blog post and last Saturday has officially fallen off my radar.

So, where to begin? How about if I start with something crappy, ramble about various updates, then end on a bitchin recap of Prom. (Yes, I am 24. No, this was not a high school prom). Sound good? Ok, let's do it...

First, the crappy. As you may or may not have noticed, the economy is currently fucked. If you haven't noticed, then I shall locate you and beat you over the head repeatedly. Then kick you in the groin. Anyhow, we were notified today that our company is freezing wages until March 2010. Here's the kicker: I was up for my 1-year anniversary raise next month. If the economy stays shitty, it's likely that I will be hitting my 2nd anniversary before I see a salary increase. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to remain employed at my current salary, but still, it's kind of a bummer. On the bright side (glass half full, people), when I move in July/August, I will be saving an extra $200 a month in rent, so I will consider that to be my "raise". Still, that's about my luck. One more month!! Nooooo!

Anyway. Off to the other.

It was nice today. Like, super nice. Like, freakishly nice. Iowa weather, well, it likes to screw with your head. Anyway. I decided to skip TKD tonight and go be outside. So I grab the iPod, praying for it to have some semblance of battery life, my cheapo pedometer, and go. I walked until I lost daylight, culminating in about 70 minutes of walking (7 pts for my wellness challenge at work! whoo!!) and about 3.2 miles. idk. It was just mostly nice to be outside. I hope it stays nice so I can get out and do it more.

In other news... my kitten turns one year old next Thursday, I can't quite remember what made me think of it, but I pulled out her records, and lo! March 12th. Maybe I'll buy her another toy that she won't play with.

Also, my apartment move is almost almost almost official. We were supposed to sign the sublease paperwork tonight but one of the girls wasn't feeling well so now it's on for Tuesday. I'm looking foward to being in my new place... I know that between now and July I will be super antsy to just get moved, because I hate moving more than several other things I should probably hate. Whatever. It needs to be done. And then for real I am staying put. I mean it.

Let's see, what else... I finally got a haircut yesterday... I was kind of putting it off until after Prom (the more hair you have, the bigger it can be!) and so I made an appointment for as soon as I could. Right now I am loving the length, and I can tell it has a lot of potential to be styled super cute, if only I were less hairtarded. Still, it's fun. I have yet to make any decisions on color... I have received an opinion to go lighter, go back to the slightly darker color it was, and for it to stay the color it is now. Needless to say, three different and varying opinions does not help me. It'll probably stay how it is until I decide for sure what to do, or until I get bored and buy a $3 box of hair dye.

Ok, enough with the rambling! Let's talk about PROM!

Some super cool people that I work with (ok, ok, all the people I work with are super cool, but for the sake of this story, we'll pretend it's just this handful) decided last year to throw an adult prom, a throwback prom, if you will, with all proceeds going to charity. (Bust mostly, PROM!). It was such a success they decided to do it again this year. For which I was ecstatic. I started just about a month or two too late last spring to get in on the first one, which looked like a blast. Fortunately, they did, and Revenge of the Prom was announced.

My good friend Calee (whose account of the evening can be found here) and I immediately pounced on our tickets, excited to get a second wear of our glorious dresses from New Year's Eve. Calee even made corsages for us to wear. I ramped up the accessories a bit from new years, acquiring some Madonna gloves, some black leggings, and a pair of bright pink $5 heels from Walmart (which were awesome until about 11:30 or so, when I finally kicked them off and went barefoot. My poor feet have still not fully recovered), and a sparkly purse-like apparatus. Calee came over and helped get my incompetent self ready (hair & makeup) so that I looked awesome... Seriously. I could not have made it work by myself. Also, all I really did to my hair was blowdry it. It got big all on its own. Calee spent like two minutes on it and I instantly looked like a country music star. Once we (me, Calee, and my friend Mindy from work, not to be confused with my sister Mindy) were all ready, we headed off to a pre-party at my friend Amanda's, until it got to be about time to go, and we debated how fashionably late we wanted to be, before we all kinda decided we were too excited to get there to wait any longer.

Prom itself was awesome... more fun than my actual prom(s). Less awkwardness.... cooler dresses... no chaperones... and beer! Yes, this prom was far better. We even got our pictures professionally taken. (Calee's and my "date picture" was apparently so awesome that the company used it as the cover photo for the event page.) There was a solid handful of people I knew from work there, but the event was open to the community, so there were a lot of people I didn't know. Calee knew a couple people (she is technically one of our clients), and finally met the DotPod boys in person instead of just on Twitter (DotPod = our web department). I was initially worried that she wouldn't have as much fun since it was largely my peeps, but now we have shared peeps, so it was all good. There were the initial rounds of mingling and socializing and shrieking over dresses and suits and, well, hair, hair was the big thing... Then there was drinking and dancing and cream cheese mints, for some reason. (Which made their way to the office and have finally, I think, been consumed). Like, serious dancing. I was sweaty. I counted some of that time as points in our wellness challenge. It was so fun and laid back and 80'sTHEMED OMGLOVE. I love the 80s. Not to the point where I wished I had belonged to that era, but vintage 80's, I like. The music and movies, especially. And the dresses. Oh God, the dresses.

As prom wound to a close, none of the occupants of my car were in any shape to drive, but someone made the brilliant suggestion of a trip to Perkins, whereas my friend James was in fact able to haul us three drunk girls there and back, although by the time we got back to my car, I was ok to drive. (I didn't live too far away... I wouldn't have wanted to travel any great distance or anything). One thing I like about myself, is that once I stop drinking, I can usually sober up pretty fast. (One thing I also like, is that I get sufficient sleep the next day, I can pretty much escape a hangover. My body decided to wake up at 7 the next morning. I was not pleased and mentally scolded it and forced it to sleep until at least 10 or 11 or so.) All in all, it was an AWESOME time, I cannot wait for next year! Calee and I have already started looking at dresses. I'm thinking teal for next year...

Here are some photos. They do not fully capture the gloriousness, but you can go look at my pictures on facebook if you want to see them. If you're not my friend on facebook, well, I'm not entirely sure why you're reading this blog, but if you ask nicely, I'm sure an arrangement can be made.

PS - after all the expenses of prom were accounted for, we raised about $2000 for charity. Not too shabby!

Group photo. This should sum everything up for you right here.

Me and my sexy prom date

Michaela, Calee, Mindy, Amanda, and myself, pre-prom

Our interactive media department, affectionately known as the DotPod.
The world would be a much more boring place without them.

Edit: I fixed my grammar error. Steph totally called me out on it. Fail.