Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Pathetic

The Good:

OMG OMG OMG I PARALLEL PARKED!!! It was a thing of beauty - textbook, really. The only reason I felt confident enough to do it is because it seemed like a really big space AND there was nowhere else on my block to park. I'd watched my brother-in-law do it recently, so I thought I knew what to do. And I may or may not have squealed out loud to myself when I shifted into park. I got out of my car... and! lo! The spacing was perfect. I wish it hadn't been dark. I totally would have taken a picture. I hope they're both still there in the morning so I can document this life-changing experiment that I will probably continue to be too terrified to ever try again. BUT IT WAS AWESOME. (PS - Yes, I totally parallel parked... in the dark! Do I get extra points for this????)

The Bad:

So I'm looking for a dress tonight. It has to be at Target because I have a gift card and that's the only money I have. I've been pining for a black dress. The ubiquitous Little Black Dress, if you will. I even put it on my damn list. I have a pretty swanky client function on Thursday and we are supposed to dress up for Calee's birthday on Saturday because we are hitting up the fancy places and dammit it's fun. So I'm thinking, if I get two wears out of it, in ONE WEEK no less, it'll be an excellent, worthwhile purchase. But it has to be at Target.

I have faith that Target probably has black dresses, though you never can tell. I bummed around a bit to no avail, hit the clearance racks (found a cutish black skirt for $2.50 so I figure that can be Plan B), and then I spot them. An assortment of black dresses. They are a no-go. Both are a bit too snug and one of them was strapless. Those damn hanger straps threw me off. So, as I leave the dressing room in dismay, my eyes fell upon a cute black dress in the plus size department. Well kids, as it turns out... I'm too fat for the regular clothes but too small for the plus size, even the 16W which is the smallest of them. If it had had straps (liiiiike I thought - damn hanger straps!) we might have been in business. It was actually cuter than the "regular" dress - but too loose, and the ladies probably would have fallen out. I sighed and gave up and was on my way out, when another one caught my eye. It was black and cute and came with a scarf and had sleeves to the elbow - you know, that would HIDE MY ARM FAT. The problem? It was a damn maternity dress. Defeated, I roamed away. But then, I thought to myself... maybe. I'd accidentally tried on a maternity dress or shirt or something once, it was on a clearance rack with everything else, and it was just shaped differently (for, you know, pregnant women) but otherwise, not that... unusual. So I grabbed one and... you know... it actually looked pretty decent. It maybe draws a little too much attention to the boobs, a bit, but with the scarf, it actually doesn't look too bad. You couldn't tell it was a maternity dress. So... I bought it. I have a day or two to think on it, but it's about as good a dress as I'll probably find until I lose some weight. And just for the record: I'm NOT pregnant. Just fat. (Remember, kids, you have to have sex to get pregnant...)

The Pathetic:

A friend of mine is a writer. I came to know him through his wife, who I work with. He just recently published a horror/erotica novella. Not really my usual genre, but I figure I'd support him and buy a copy. It was on my desk chair when I got back yesterday so I brought it home and started skimming it, and, really, a novella isn't that long, so I just ended up reading the whole damn thing once I got engrossed in it. And, well...

... I am the only person who can find a missing apostrophe in the middle of a sex scene.

I'm just sayin.

Monday, September 28, 2009

25 is the new 21


I haven't blogged in a week because I haven't had time to sit at my computer while it had an Internet connection. Long enough to type anything coherent, anyway.

LAST week, I had started another "hey look at this cool shiznat that I found on Teh Intarwebs" so all I would have to do on Sunday was click Post, but, I came home from home and passed right the fuck out. EDIT: I lied. I'm going to retro-date it and post it anyway. Sorry if it effs up your reader feeds.

It was a busy week. For STARTERS, I turned 25. TWENTY-FIVE! I am old now. I am excited for this supposed payoff of my car insurance going down, but I have not seen evidence of this. Other than a few pounds (damn you, cake!) and gift cards (whee!) heavier, not much else has changed. I think because the closer I got to 25, the easier it was to just consider myself to be there already. Poor 24 got screwed because at the end, all I could think of was that I was almost 25. It's just more... significant.

Tuesday night I went down to my friend/former roommate Molly's with a bunch of my girls, and she made this fabulously AMAAAAAZING cake. It was gorgeous AND tasty. It was fun to just sit around and chill with a bit of wine and my favorite girls in the world. (Well, you know. Except for the ones that couldn't make it, of course.) Wednesday night after work I hit up the local restaurant/brewery that made me like beer. Well, drink beer. I still don't love it. Except for their beer. I succeeded in getting intoxicated as shit, like any good birthday girl would do, and since it was dollar pint night, I really didn't spend that much money. Actually I think I only spent a dollar of my own money. I had a few shots purchased for me and a few beers, and all was happy. (Side bonus: I did NOT hang all over the boy that I frequently/normally get drunk and stupid around. In fact, it was a rather pleasant evening in that regard - I daresay we were almost friends that night, finally once again.) Thursday, Friday, Saturday - up northwards on the ol' homestead. I like going to visit everyone but I feel so tired when I get back. There are two places in the world I sleep the best - my current bed, and my old bed in my old bedroom. And yet, I'm soooo sleepy by the time I get back into town. I dunno.

The Cake.

In the meantime. Back in the real world again and getting bitchslapped by my bank account. Again. I managed to overdraw it by eight dollars. EIGHT DOLLARS. I hope I don't have anymore uncashed checks floating around out there, but I probably do. Friday is payday but it seems sooooo far away. I really need to get serious about a part time job. I.... might have to come crawling back to retail, as much as the thought pains me. The hours are shit and the pay isn't much better, but dammit, I'm good at it. Sigh.

I don't know. Things continue to move on, much as they have. Fall has been gorgeous, which makes me happy, but it's starting to get chilly, which DOESN'T make me happy, because that means winter is right around the corner. Boo. Not ready for snow and ice and panic attacks in my car as I'm driving upon said snow and ice. Not ready at all.

Anyway. I have a couple Target gift cards from the Day of Birth festivities - one is earmarked for a specific purchase, the other... I don't know. I need to find myself a little black dress, because I've got quite a few occasions coming up where having one would just be handy. This has been a failed endeavor up until now, but it's time to get serious. SERIOUS I SAY.

So, on that note... I'm going to go brush my teeth because they are severely coated in sugar from this cake (yum) and then I'm going to curl up with a book and go to bed EARLY because I suck at that.

Also: my sister was awesome and gave me a Starbucks gift card. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE, PREPARE THYSELF. I AM COMING FOR YOU.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Internet Revue: Twisted Princesses, Audrey Hepburn, and Awesome Things like Polaroids

Here is my follow up to last week's launch of Cool Things From Teh Intarwebs, or, um, something like that.

Just like last time: Clicking on the screenshot images will take you to that site; clicking on the photo images will give you an enlarged view of that image. Clicking on the title will also take you to the source site.

1000 Awesome Things
Add this to the list of "things I wish I'd thought of first" - a compilation of all of life's little things that give you warm fuzzies and are, basically, awesome. It's a lovely site and is a stellar reminder of not taking the little things for granted, and someone out there is doing us all a huge favor. We need to be reminded sometimes.

Reimagined Posters for Classic Movies
Turner Classic Movies did a series of classic movies - a "Summer Under the Stars" series, which included a whole bunch (32, to be specific - plus a handful of "teaser" posters)of redesigned posters for the movies. Pretty much awesome. Possibly only if you are a designer. And/or like old movies. I thought it was fabulous.

In concept - VERY FUCKING COOL. In practice? It keeps freezing up on me and makes me sad. I did manage to get it work on a couple pictures, so perhaps I need to be more patient with it. Basically, what we've got here, is an application that you can drag your digital pictures into, and it will create Polaroid-esque snapshots - they even sit there and take a few minutes for the image to appear. (Did I mention it sits on your desktop and even makes the clicking sound of taking a picture?) It is way fucking awesome and I hope I can get it to work better.

The "film" is developing, see?

Twisted Princesses
I actually found this as a recommended link off the Superhero Mod MLPs (see last week's post). Apparently I hang out on comic book sites more than I realized. I think if I had been given the proper opportunity as a youngin, and hadn't been, you know, a Barbie-doll-My-Little-Pony-Carebear-raised GIRL, I probably could have gotten seriously into them. It's not just extreme nerdism, it's a damn art form, is what it is.

Anywho - these got posted here after the annoucement that Disney bought Marvel (to which everyone gave a giant WTF). These were drawn up by illustrator Jeffrey Thomas who pretty much fucking rocks, from what I can tell. He did a whole series of them and they are badass so you should click on my links. I'm only posting three.

More cool stuffs, to be continued...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Internet Revue: My Little Ponies, Old Loves, Mix Tapes, and Fifty Photographs

I find so many random yet delightful things on the Internet every day (largely thanks to Twitter and all the blogs I read) and I've decided that I want to start sharing them. Perhaps I will just do a round-up at the end of the week of all the stuff that made me smile or interested me in the prior days. Perhaps I will do it today and then forget that that was my intent. I dunno.

This list is not all-inclusive, but just some stuff to either make you smile or help you kill some time.

Note: Clicking on the screenshot images will take you to that site; clicking on the photo images will give you an enlarged view of that image. Clicking on the title will also take you to the source site.

The Fifty States Project
50 photographers from all 50 states are given an assigment every few months to capture an image in a given category ("People", "Industry", etc) that represents their state. This is very very cool, it's fun seeing all the images from across the country. Some are bizarre, some are generic, some are lovely, and some are unexpected. The photographer from Iowa is Sandy Dyas - I think she did a great job representing the state without making us look like, well, stereotypical Iowans. :)

Creates a word cloud of your blog. It randomizes the font/color scheme but you can change it up and format it. I'm surprised the word "angst" isn't bigger on mine. ;)

Mix Tape USB Drive
Just like it says. The USB drive has enough space for about an hour of music, and then you can package it inside a cassette-shaped box. I think it's adorable. I would swoon hardcore if I was given one of these. Also: I'm guessing most of today's youth would primarily be "wtf is that?"

My Little Pony Superhero Mods
These are just beyond awesome. Seriously, just go to the actual article itself and see all of them. I'm only going to post a couple. These are wicked cool.

Dear Old Love
Described on the blog as "short notes to people we've loved (or at least liked). Requited or unrequited." These are largely cute and amusing or sad and heartfelt. They are all beautiful.

Ok, I think that is where I shall stop for today. More next week. Possibly.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Without Further Ado...

Ok, friends. You've all heard me blathering about how I was making this list of things I want to do before I turn 30. I've decided (actually, about a month ago) to turn this into a side project/blog and am almost ready to "start" this - finally nailed down a custom URL that wasn't taken, tinkered with Wordpress just enough so that I can be functional with it, and I'm almost finished with my list.

Notice how I said almost. My goal is to have 30 things on the list (largely for alliteration's sake) but I'm at 26 or something like that right now. I've also managed to cross a few things off since I started the list, which wasn't technically supposed to go into effect until I turned 25, but you know what? Carpe diem, I seized the opportunities as they arose and now I am already off to a good start. Maybe it's cheating, whatever, I don't care. They were things I wanted to do, and I did them. My list, my rules. ;p

SO. By Wednesday (which is my 25th birthday), I will post this list, because I am determined to finish it by then. If you have any really great ideas of things I should add, comment or let me know. Also, keep in mind, Wordpress is entirely too fancy for me and it will take me a while to figure out, so if it doesn't work 100% awesome... remember that I am webtarded, and be kind.In the meantime, I shall leave you with the link to my new blog, and you can follow up with it as you choose, and if you don't care one way or the other, you may ignore it.



Sunday, September 13, 2009

That Girl

Yes. Me. Yesterday. I was That Girl. Falling all over a guy that I (and everyone) knows is not interested. I really have no good reason. I'm not stupid. Stupidly optimistic, perhaps. But not stupid.

Perhaps I get irrational when I drink. And drink, I did. I actually lost count of how much I had to drink yesterday... there was an endless supply of booze and I kept taking it. It was fun. I haven't been that drunk in a long time. In the same way that it felt like a bad idea, it felt like a good idea. I don't even care. (I think I was running on reserve supply of my motor skills by the time I got home, and I may have biffed it on the stairs coming back up to my apartment... and bruises are starting to materialize on my right arm, and I have no idea why... but it was fucking great.) I retroactively tried to count back based on what I remembered holding at any given time - my count lands me at a probably six (but I will allow for seven) beers plus a half a cup of margarita plus whatever the hell I consumed during Flippy Cup (which I am awesome at, by the way). Shockingly, I was not hungover today. I have no idea how not. Still lucky enough to be young, I guess.

Now, when I said earlier that I'm not stupid - I'm not, I'm really not. But that doesn't keep me from doing stupid shit and being an idiot. The drunk tends to bring out the stupid. It also tends to shut down any semblance of personal pride which makes it be okay to look like an ass, because I don't care. I don't caaaaaaaaare. Not til later, anyway.

Anywho. I'm not going to rehash old shit, but since we all know the story anyway, there's no need. What brings us to today is that I thought I was getting over it all, and that was good. To the point where I had mentally decided that we could probably hang out again, I was probably able to hang out with him and it wouldn't be weird (for me, because I doubt it was ever weird for him, because why would it be? I was the one who put myself out on a line and fell on my face. No big deal. Whatever.) So I went tailgating with a bunch of my peeps and I was convinced that it would be a good day, it would be fun, it would be fine, I was done making a fool of myself and...

... and we all see where this is going. It did not help that I had been there all of fifteen minutes when someone was all, "Are you and so-and-so dating?" Umm, no. "No? You guys would be so cute together." Yes, thank you. (While my other friend was all OMG DON'T BRING IT UP.) Apparently everyone thinks so except for him, and his is a relatively vital opinion, methinks. It really doesn't help that I know what the issue is. I guess I've always known, but I've pretty much confirmed it and apparently the "being right" outweighs the "ouch that fucking hurts" that I would have expected. It doesn't hurt, it's just a matter of fact: it's another girl. And she's tall and thin and blonde and awesome and not interested in him. He's in love with her and she doesn't want him and it's this twisted little triangle, but at the same time it fits nice and neatly into conventional textbook triangle scenario. I want him. He wants her. She wants somebody else. She and I are friends. Nobody is getting anywhere.

And I hate that I am That Girl. The one who keeps holding on to - what? The faintest glimmer of hope, I guess. The reject. I'm not sitting around pining away, at least I didn't think so, but maybe I am, and I know that I'm wasting my time, but it's time well wasted, I guess. I'm not really going anywhere, so what is there to lose? What else do I have to do? I can wait. If waiting proves to be even remotely worthwhile (hint: it's not.) I'm genetically inclined to be stubborn... I don't generally consciously realize it, but, seriously? I know you all would agree. (It's also why everyone in my family fights all the time about stupid shit - no one wants to give in. It's almost comical.) I'm the girl that won't give up even though there is no logical way the situation is going to change, and I'm sure people look at me with a sort of pity because it's sad and pathetic and I need to just give the fuck up already, and I thought I had, but I hadn't, because apparently I've gotten real good at fooling myself. I'm not fooling anyone else, that much is apparent. I used to be able to keep my thoughts and feelings tightly under wraps... and now I wear my heart on my goddamn sleeve. What's weird about it? I don't even care. It's too late to pretend anything otherwise, anyway. Everybody fucking knowwwwws. (Like, seriously. People I hung out with yesterday that I barely knew... I got called on my shit. I mean, everybody was perfectly nice and wasn't like OMFG YOU'RE AN IDIOT like they should have been, but... totally. fucking. transparent. FML.) I got lots of verbal pats on the head.

And this is when I wasn't being a nuisance of myself to the person in question. Who either humors me or pretends not to notice (or maybe genuinely doesn't, fuck if I know), which only makes it worse but I think leaving it all unspoken is for the best. I don't need another rejection; one was plenty. Besides, all my behavior is excusable because I was so thoroughly, thoroughly inebriated. And therefore doesn't count. Right? ....

Which leaves me with my silver lining... if everyone else there was even half as drunk as I was, I'm sure nobody was really paying attention to my own personal dramasode, and even if they were, maybe they won't remember. I don't remember ALL of the day but I do remember what an idiot I perceived myself to be, even at the time... but I couldn't stop myself anyway, which just further proves that I am a bundle of fucked up. I am better than that. I know this. Why it doesn't register on all levels in my being, I have no idea. And I wasn't even trying for anything - but I guess my innerself was all, hey, why the hell not, not like you've got other options right now. Apparently that's license to continue to bang my head into a brick wall. I dunno. Fuck, I am an idiot. Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with me? Don't answer that.

I think I just need to find somebody new to latch onto, and voila! Problem solved. (Or, to stop being an idiot. That could work reasonably as well, also.)


Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, I'm making this checklist of things I want to do before I turn thirty. It was supposed to go in effect when I turn 25... Tailgating was one of them, and I totally did it today, and it was awesome, and I'm totally checking it off, and I don't care if that's cheating.

PS - I shouldn't be hungover at 7pm, right? fuck.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Look Back - Part 1

I don't perhaps fully know why, but I've always been sort of fascinated by old, black & white photos of other eras, of times gone by... There's just something interesting about seeing an entire different wolrd, which is actually the same world as ours but completely different at the same time. I have each decade of the 20th century stereotyped in my head - the 1940s, WWII. The 1950s, nuclear families and pretty much everything you associate with the 50s... The 60's, the hippies, etc etc. And I've always been able to find a category, a label, something to fit each era into. I know on some level I am a huge history nerd (we allllll know I'm a nerd, anyway), and while I'm glad to not have been "of" any of those eras (I never would have fit - I would have been a social misfit for my radical feminism, shit, I mean, who's to say I would have the same mindset as I do now, but if you were to transplant me from here, to somewhere in the 50s... well it probably wouldn't go very well for me) - damn it, I am intrigued by them. WWII-era 1940's is probably my favorite... but I find them all to be interesting.

What especially intrigues me is the difference in the way women looked back then, versus now. They seem to me to just have been all-around naturally more beautiful than women now. Us, with our products and surgeries and ill-advised diets and all the toxins and chemicals we expose ourselves to... We all just look fake and trashy. Take a look at a photo of a woman from, say, the 1950's. It doesn't matter who. They somehow hold some of that aura that all of the old movie stars had. Just that classic beauty, much simpler. (Now, I'm not saying they didn't have their tortorous beauty routines that they went through, because they probably did, and they were probably a lot more heinous than our own - but the end result just LOOKS so much more natural.)

I can't really seem to find my point (I blame the cold meds), but I've been thinking for quite a while how I wanted to go through all of my grandparents' photo albums and scan them in so I can have copies of them, retouch/restore if needed, and maybe frame a few. Both of my grandmothers were beautiful women; my maternal grandfather is a tad on the awkwardly dorky side (how he and my grandmother ended up togehter, I will never know - she is the dominating half of the relationship, and I suspect she's always been a force to be reckoned with. Not that I'm complaining, of course - if they hadn't gotten together, I wouldn't be here) ;) - my paternal grandfather, who died when I was 13, was more of the obviously aloof, charming kind. Both were navy men; one was stationed in California for most of the war, the other had a more active tour of duty, including being stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, and somewhere out in the Pacific, after. It's hard to picture them as being anything but my grandparents, but you have to know that at one point they were my age, and young, and falling in love and experiencing life and it was a completely different age than it is now. They are people, living their lives... I am merely a facet of their lives, just as they are mine. It's easy to be selfish as a kid/grandkid - you forget that these people have their own identities and stories.

It's interesting to trace back family history, at least visually. I only had time to get through one set of photos this past weekend when I was home, but my other grandma promised me I could go through all of hers next time I was up (which will inevitably take longer, because (a) it's a bigger family and (b) that side has apparently always been more photo-happy). My mom's parents, the set I have here, were fascinated by my technical savvy, and while they had absolutely no idea what I was doing at first, they were more than happy to indulge me - at first I had only requested their wedding album, because it was all I had seen before and all I knew of - and they both produce a few more albums. I don't have ALL of them, I did run out of time, but I have enough to start.

My grandma asked if I was going to get into that "whole genealogy thing" and I kind of shrugged - I know where my immediate lineage came from, I know in general where the ancestors came from, but not entirely. I know I have a lot of German (both of my dad's dad's parents came here directly from Germany; my mom's dad's clan came from Germany, also, but not quite as recently, so there's likely other nationalities mixed in there), as well as some Swedish (my grandma's grandma came from Sweden), but beyond that, it's kind of a mysterious mixture. I know there is some Irish in there... perhaps a few more of that mid-European area thereabouts around Germany, probably some additional Scandinavian heritage as well... all in all, it would take some research that I don't really have the resources for.

Until then... pictures! It's perhaps the only part of the story I can get, for now... I don't know the questions to ask or the angle to take to get the entire view - I need to sit them down with a tape recorder and listen and nudge, but that will have to be later. Hopefully not too much later - I'm not naive enough to think they will live forever. I have already lost one of them (probably the best storyteller of the bunch, at that) and time continues to sneak away from me. Still, I can tell their story in pictures, for now.

And you're all probably really bored and I apolgoize except I don't apologize, and as a tradeoff for the non-apology I will warn you in advance that there will probably be more followups to this as I get more photos, except maybe they won't have such a long-winded intro.

Anyway. I am now going to share some of the pictures of my mother's parents, some from their wedding, some from just life. I have some pictures from my parent's wedding now, too, as ill-fated as that ended up being, but I will probably need to scavenge the rest from wherever that album is... [Side note: both of my grandfathers were wearing powder blue suits at the wedding. Yes, exactly the kind that you are thinking. I'm not even kidding. It's awesome.] and I will of course need to get photos from my other grandmother, as well. I will also someday update THIS post because I didn't get any of the pictures of my grandfather from when he was in the navy, or from his own personal little photo album, so those will be to come.

It's also kind of creepy how much my mother's baby pictures look like MY baby pictures, and how much facial similarity leaked down from my grandmother to my mother to myself. On the bright side, I have a vague idea of how I'll look when I'm older. On the down side, the crazy got passed down too. Eh.

* * *

Anyway - PART I: Maternal Grandparents

My grandmother's senior portrait. This photo was taken in 1946.

Photo of my grandfather, I have no idea what year or how old he was. Probably a bit younger, given that he has all (most) of his hair. ;)

A few pictures from my grandparents' wedding - August 1953.

By my calculations, my grandmother was about 24, 25 here. (Right about my age - weird to think about!! My mother was 22 when she got married and 24 when I was born). I'm not sure how old my grandfather is here. (I'm not even sure how old they both are NOW.)

My grandma was telling me about how she had had this dress specially made, because that's what you did back then, because gowns were so expensive (THAT hasn't changed!), but because of that, she had one of the first strapless wedding gowns - they were very rare back then. She also had the little bolero jacket, which are kind of cycling back through again, also. She somehow always seems to know what's in style, or what will be. I could raid her closet (especially her jewelry!) and find all sorts of stuff that, if I were trendy myself, would probably be "in". From what I can tell, she's always been sort of a trailblazer, and a early feminist. She also likes to refer to herself as an "old pioneer woman" (it's become an inside joke between me and my mother, at least it used to be, when my mother still talked to her parents, that not a single visit could go by without her using that phrase. I still play it, even if it's by myself. In case you're wondering, she said it twice last time I was there). She's definitely always been a strong woman and is pretty damn resourceful.

My grandfather is more laid back, resigned to do her bidding.... but damn if he isn't a really funny guy. He has a special brand of self-deprecating humor and likes to joke about my grandmother behind her back, and I'm really not doing him much justice, but he's always fun to talk to and hang around.

Again, I'm not sure whatever drew them together, but they've been together for over fifty years now, so something must be working. Either that, or it was just unheard of to leave, and so they stayed out of mere convention. Which is possibly a more likely story. For whatever my grandma says, I know she would be lost without him, independence or no. They're a set, a pair.

This was taken in 1955, according to my grandma. Which places it about two years after they were married, and five before my mother was born. One of their friends was a budding photographer and wanted to come take their portraits.

One of the few pictures of just my grandpa. Apparently he used to be a smoker. It's just such a classic 1950's picture, if you ask me. It's one where he kind of looks like his own man, not my grandma's personal manservant. It's the most "rugged" picture of him I've ever seen - so different from the man I've known my whole life. Perhaps that is what fascinates me about it.

I wasn't really supposed to take this one, haha. It's my grandma (far right) with her sister and brother-in-law. I love the look on her face... it's one of the few pictures where she's not composed and poised. Just having fun. Date on the photo was 1962.

One of the first "official" family portraits - this would be either 1960 or early 1961. My mother was born Nov 1960. I will post more pictures of her as a baby/child later - they're pretty cute. Cute babies run in our family. I was fricking adorable. So was my sister. (But not as much as me. Because, I'm vain like that.)

I think this was taken at their 40th annivesary - a Hawaiian themed event. (My grandmother loves to host/plan gatherings, which is a massive understatement. I think she about died and went to heaven when my sister let her help with a few things for her wedding). It's one of those awkard "smile as you're opening gifts" photos, but I picked it because I love this one of my grandpa- I think it captures him perfectly. Very cheerful and easygoing. Not as severe and formal and solemn as in the older photos. It actually captures my grandma pretty well too - very poised and collected.

* * *

Anywho, this post is plenty long, I've got more I can share, but I'm going to try to keep it at this, for now. It would take more than a blog post of words and pictures to really capture the essence of my grandparents, anyway. They're quirky and dynamic and can be labeled a hundred different ways and they've not always been cast in the best of lights (especially from my mother) but they are interesting people, to say the very least, and very well-meaning and caring people.

So... that's that. To be continued...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sniffle Sniffle

Guys. I've had a lot that I've been meaning to blog about... well, a lot of possible topics that I wanted to write about, anyway... and now I have a horrible cold (ok, I'm being a huge baby because it's my first cold of the season) and I will probably go home and drug myself up on over the counter cold meds (gotta use up those flex dollars!), possibly shower, and sleep the sleep of the sickly. So, I probably won't get around to it today, and I just wanted to express my disappointment.

Unless I do get around to it, in which case, I will delete this filler post and replace it with something cooler.

(Probably not)

4:58. I might beeline out of here at 5. I hope the people at Target don't accuse me of trying to make meth. Although I'm congested enough they might believe me. If not I will sneeze on them and tell them I have swine flu (sorry, H1N1) and they'll freak out and let me go.

My head hurts.

Whine whine whine.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Willpower FAIL.

HyVee is having a sale on Ben & Jerry's. I regret nothing.