Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Shook Up

Holy backlog, Batman. I have a nice handful of posts in my drafts folder that I totally meant to already post. So, um, if you see some random crap pop up that seems like it might have been suited for a week or month ago, it probably was intended for such.

Moving on: there was an earthquake out east today. I heard rumors that it was felt as far west as Michigan. About twelve hours earlier, Colorado had felt one too. Basically, everywhere but here.

Twitter kind of blew up and I remembered why I loved Twitter because it's such a glorious cluster of information and snarkery. Especially since I follow a good chunk of people on both coasts.

 Of course, I'm only building up to the fact that I had a small moment of brilliance and people retweeted the shit out of it* and I felt very important and special.

*actual metrics may vary. It was the most retweets I'VE ever gotten off a single nugget, anyway.

I guess this was fun too. (It's not shameless screenshot day? what?)

Also, this was my very favorite thing to come off the Internet today. If you follow me anywhere else you've probably already seen it.

Devastation caused by the East Coast earthquake:


Anyway. It's all in fun, but mostly because from what I can tell, nobody was seriously injured and nothing was terribly damaged. Thus: fun shall be poked.

Tomorrow's post: local fuckery. Stay tuned.


likethe309 said...

Obligatory comment from someone from the east coast.

I was going to call myself an east-coaster, but that felt weird and wrong

Ginny said...

I didn't even feel the thing. Other people around me did. The news is of course making this a big deal. I'd rather hear about the hurricane coming towards us right now.

terra said...

The earthquake was the craziest thing ever. Totally off the wall and all of us East Coasters were totally confused. That an earthquake had hit was the last thing on our minds, for sure.

But I love social media during an east coast earthquake - it's hilarious!