Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I know nobody else gives a flying shit about this BUT you will probably get a good laugh out of the proposed design, so I'm sharing ANWYAY.

So, we have our two major state universities that have a pretty big inter-state rivalry, right? (Intra-state? I never know which is right.) I mean, other than the fact that U of I is actually a solid football program and ISU (my alma mater) pretty much sucks, which makes it a huge deal if we win, which rarely happens, so it's not really "big" so much as it is "tradition." Anyway, this rivalry has been in place for a long time, back when we'd pass the "title" back and forth a bit, and there naturally is a trophy that gets passed back and forth too. And by "passed back and forth" I mean, it sits wherever Iowa keeps its trophies and ISU only really gets to see it on game day. Whatever.

Anyway, a new sponsor of the series took over and decided to unveil a BRAND NEW TROPHY.

Big in-state college football rivalry. Helmets smashing! Burly men grunting and tackling! Beer being consumed on all sides! Profanities being spewn from both sides! It's intense! It's COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

This is what they unveiled.

just screams "football" doesn't it?

..... yeah.

You can imagine how well this was received. On the one hand, it was nice to see the Iowa and ISU fans unite over a common enemy, on the other... what the fucking fuck were they THINKING? This is not a football trophy. It's like a county fair trophy.

Even the governor was like, "um, well. it's interesting..."  EVEN THE BRANSTACHE HATES IT, GUYS. YOU LOSE.

After everyone had thoroughly bruised their craniums from all the headdesk-ing that went on, there came a beacon of hope: THEY ARE GOING TO REDESIGN IT.

I immediately plastered my channels with this and this was my favorite response:


I love Twitter.

Anyway, my POINT: They actually LISTENED to the backlash and backpedaled and are taking that monstrosity back to wherever it came from. You know that if it weren't for Twitter and Facebook and the ability for information to travel faster than anyone can even think via the tubes of the Internets, there wouldn't have been quite the same proliferation of negative responses. Likely nobody would have really seen it, and even then, their only recourse would have been to write angry letters to the editors of their local papers, which is pretty much ineffective. FEAR THE POWER OF THE INTERNET.

Anyway. That wraps up our Big News in Iowa report for the time being.

PS, here's the old trophy. It's nothing stellar, either, but at least it made sense.

Oh yeah, I totally found an image from a year when ISU won it. Suck it, Hawks.


chimes said...

intra. it's within our own state. inter is between states. :)

terra said...

So silly. Ugliest trophy ever.

Tori said...

I like the OG trophy because it looks like the kicker is about to lift off into a triple axle, figure skating style. BUT WHERE IS THE SEE-THROUGH GLITTER MINIDRESS??