Sunday, August 28, 2011

Don't Be Jealous

You know what's really bad about knowing there are five weeks in September and thus three paychecks? It has completely nullified any concept I have of a budget, because I did some calculations and strategery and decided that this last August paycheck was not only a chance to catch up but allowed for some frivolous spending.

Here is my favorite purchase. To be fair, it really wasn't that expensive so STOP JUDGING ME OKAY.

I want to go tailgating so bad this year.  Ideally on a day when it's semi-cool. I have so much new ISU shit and I want to wear it all. But mostly this. I am going to wear this mofo as often as I can.

Have you bought anything ridiculous awesome lately?


Brandi said...

Any post that uses "strategery" is A-okay in my book!!

Germana said...

The end.

Mom and Dem said...

I've never even been to Iowa and that hat is ridiculously awesome. Probably wouldn't go over too well in Texas, mostly because there's only like 1 day a year where it's cold enough to rock it.

Tori said...

Imma buy a baby giraffe hat. KEEP BELT AWKWARD!

Kelsey said...

that might have made me a little sick to my stomach.... but then again, i would totally sport a hawkeye one.
double standard, i think not

Terra said...

You look amazing in that hat. It was a good purchase , for sure. And I'm so sad I didn't know you when I was in Iowa last year.