Friday, August 26, 2011

Someone Drew My Life.

I was scrolling aimlessly through Tumblr images, because, well, you do it too, I don't need to explain myself. Anyway, I stumbled across this:

I'd credit this but I don't know who to credit it to. 
Pretty sure the Tumblr I found it on was NOT the artist.


I mean, except for the cigarettes. Ew. And the skinniness. Sigh.

Look at the evidence:

Wine? Check.

Cat? Check.

Pillow + Sleepytime? Check.

Notebook of scribbles? Check.

Ballet flats? Check.

Out of control red hair? Check.

I also have a hardwood floor in my living room. Not that I generally fall asleep there, but, you know. I could.

Man. I'm so tempted to re-create a live-action shot of this now. This might have to become a Project.

Have any of you stumbled across a piece of art that reflected you? Link up in the comments! Maybe I'll do a compilation post if I get enough. That would be fun, right?


Mom and Dem said...

1. Please do a live action version.
2. That is pretty much me except no cat or ciggies and crazy blonde curly hair instead :)

Steph A said...

Ooh, let's do this! I'll totally take the picture. I'll even buy you the proper pajamas, provided that they're not too expensive and we find just the right ones. :D

terra said...

Oh please, please do a live action version! It will be AMAZING!