Monday, August 22, 2011

Still No Cure For a Monday

Hello, blog kittens. (Blittens?) I trust you are all having a superb Monday. I spent my weekend binge eating and hanging out with my family and trying to keep my crankiness in check, and then I started cleaning my apartment. How about you? I wish I would have gone to the State Fair. Not because I like the State Fair, per se, but because it's interesting and would have given me something to post about given the fact that I am experiencing somewhat of a brain shutdown at the moment. I probably gained five pounds this weekend, and while I'm generally not of the type of girl to obsess over every ounce, that would be quite the disheartening setback when I go weigh in this week. If I do. I sometimes skip the weeks where I expect a gain. I don't consider it cheating so much as I consider it to be softly buffering my self-esteem from plummeting. Or something.

Anywho. I must get back to cleaning my apartment. In the heels that I am now wearing because I almost tripped over them earlier. And also the black fedora that has been sitting on my desk for weeks. I mean, doesn't everyone randomly put on articles of clothing they find while they're putting things away? No? Whatever.

Lest you feel cheated because I usually ramble on for about an hour, here's some linkage for you. Not a lot of it, because I hadn't planned on doing any sort of link feature, so: I'm too tired to wrangle up more for you. When I was a kid, we took what links we could get and we were happy. *fist shake.*

Things of note:

I made a new gallery page featuring all of my super awesome photoshop pieces. (Yes. "Pieces." Because they are ART, dammit.) It's up top. Next to the page of post summaries that I have long since abandoned. I need to get that thing updated. Someday.

Linkies from the Internet that I found to be awesome:

Alice Bradley: Write Anyway

How to take engagement photos. (also known as: the greatest engagement photos known to mankind.)

Stratejoy: The Internet is Fake (needed this: I've gotten caught in the comparing my measly little existence to all these jetsetting, uber-successful bloggers, so a reality check was nice)


Mom and Dem said...

Love all the links, but I'm going to have to veto blittens. Sounds like a disease :)

ameena said...

haha Im seconding what Mom and Dem said. But I DO love the image of you in your fedora and heels cleaning your apartment. I usually end up in full costume singing musicals at the top of my lungs while i clean. I feel like its the most productive way. Also, its my goal to go to the state fair for the first time in my life and eat ALL of the fried food available. I hope my heart is ready.