Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday. And such.

I was all set to curl up and fall asleep because that's what I do on Fridays but then a wave of guilt and obligation washed over me and I was all DAMMIT THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I COMMIT TO BLOGGING ACTIVITIES.

In order to keep my streak alive, until a further time when I might otherwise botch things up (I've got kind of a full weekend lined up, so... we'll see how that goes), I am posting a post right now. Posty post post.

Also, in order to make this at all remotely interesting, I'm going to re-link up to my post from two weeks ago because I don't feel like nearly enough people saw it. It's a literary masterpiece, guys. Someone hand me my honorary doctorate - Kelly L, PhD of the Internet.

Also, my birthday is in one week from today. I feel like I should be doing more in preparation for this, but all I've really done is selected a restaurant at which to consume dinner and some drinks. And by "some" I probably mean "one" because I'm old. I ordered a margarita tonight and couldn't even finish the damn thing... though it was more about the sheer volume of liquid involved than the amount of tequila embedded within. In the past, I've found that it's more fiscally logical to order the larger size, because by the time I get to my second small one, I will have consumed the same amount of margarita, and I save some $ by just starting big. Unfortunately that only works on said occasions where I get to a second one. Tonight, I would have been good with just a little one. Fortunately, Calee's boyfriend was a trooper and finished it for me. It was a really girly one though, so he cast aside the straw and just chugged it. He had a margarita 'stache when he was done. It was hilarious and adorable. (Hilarable.)

Ok, sleeps. With the blankets. Because it suddenly turned into chilly fall weather without my permission. I wore the first hoodie of the season today. Not like zip-up lightweight hoodie, either. Like full-on pullover sweatshirt hoodie. Serious business. Granted, it's Iowa, so it could be ninety degrees tomorrow. You just never know.

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Ginny said...

I always go with the larger size! Bring on the margaritas!