Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Disappointing.

One year and $700 out of pocket later, my elbow is still showing no signs of being bionic.

Let this be a lesson unto you, kids. Never run in the rain while wearing flip-flops. Only bad things can come of this. Doesn't matter how close you are to your car. If you fall down in the middle of the street, you're going to get wet anyway as you're lying in the mother-effing road, and now you have a goddamn hole in your arm. You may as well walk. You'll get an equal amount of rain on you, but there will be less blood involved. I only hope that this harrowing experience can serve as a warning to others about to make the same mistake.

PS - it's nice to know that when I was googling to find that second link (the search bar widget on this blog is USELESS, bee tee dubs), my blog is the first thing that comes up when you type in "verbal flailing." I WIN AT THE INTERNET.

PPS - Blogger doesn't recognize "googling" as a word. IRONY?

PPPS - No, seriously. I don't know what the correct usage of "irony" is. I blame Alanis.

PPPPS - Because Blogger is owned by Google, see? WHY MUST I EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO YOU PEOPLE?

PPPPPS - Hey, remember Google+? Anyone still use that? It's like a fucking wasteland over there. Why must you fail so hard at your social medias, Google? It's depressing.

PPPPPPS - I was greeted with a new Blogger interface today. I went, SURE, WHY NOT? and clicked it and then I got scared because it was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and I continue to be highly averse to change. I ran away faster than I did from New Twitter. RIP, Old Twitter. I hope the new interface continues to be optional. I'm such a creature of habit. I like my things JUST SO. 

Anyway, what's most important here is that the Elbowversary means it is now September. Which, more importantly, means that we are in my birthday month. Expect something ridiculous and self-serving 'round here as I figure out how to celebrate. I have an inkling of an idea for a giveaway. We'll see.

You may start sending gifts at any time. Ha.

1 comment:

ameena said...

there is so much that i want to say right now i don't even know where to begin.

I'll start with, the other day I was full on sprinting in a rain storm to avoid the wet and now I am horrified to think that your warning could have come too late. Thank you so much for the heads up. (Also, Im so sorry to hear about your elbow).

next, I have been blaming Alanis for YEARS! I'm so happy you agree. This is why you're my people.

And finally, that new interface is TERRIFYING. Like, wtf google? Most websites take baby steps in to an entirely new interace. not google. they're just like BAM relearn everything you ever knew, ever.