Friday, September 30, 2011


All inherent innuendos aside, with this post, I will have successfully completed the Blog Every Day in September challenge. From what I could tell from Katherine's blog, there are approximately three of us that made it. I expect I should get a medal or something. Maybe we can tally up our word counts. I'd totally take home the gold. I could be an Olympic blogger. If that was a thing. Which it's not. Which it should be.

This was actually much easier than I expected it was going to be. Granted, September tends to be an eventful month for me so I didn't really have much of a shortage of things to post. There were actually several things that I never got around to posting that I meant to, so I guess I'll try to get caught up on those in October. That said, I'm going to go back to my extremely sporadic and unpredictable posting schedule for next month, because I fully plan to participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) again and I don't want to wear myself (or my lovely, patient readers) out. Or run out of topics. Whichever seems like a more legitimate excuse.

The problem with blogging every day (besides clogging up people's Readers) is that the focus instantly shifts to quantity over quality and I spend less time actually thinking about what to write and then writing halfway decent posts, versus cranking out whatever my brain latches onto first, just so I can post something for the day and cross it off my list. This is something I would like to work on in November but I suspect I'll still wind up in the same pattern of "Post something! Anything! Quick! The day is almost over!" and then we'll be in the boat we are now. (We're in a boat? We're in a boat! Ever'body look at us, we're in a motherfucking boat!)

I also worry that sometimes my posts get lost. I mean, most of them are shit so it's no big tragedy, but every once in a while I'll crap out something that I actually want people to read, and if I'm immediately burying it under another inane post... they won't. Especially with as long as some of my posts get. I know how lazy I can be with actually reading the posts in my feed sometimes, and when I'm really far behind, the shorter the posts the better, and I am NOT a short post writer. I don't know what I am. Long-winded and irrelevant, I guess. (Way to end the month on a downer, self.)

Anyway. Now that the pressure is off to write/post every day, I'll try to adjust the quality of programming 'round here, at least until November, where it will suck again, and then after that it should be good for a while. I dunno.

Thanks for sticking with me while I rambled on for thirty+ days straight. I love you crazy people. You're my people.


chimes said...

duuude I didn't realize you blogged every day. I just thought this was the norm. maybe every other day.

i have my blog all planned out for most of the next 3 weeks. let's see if I can continue to have enough time in my schedule to keep that up.

Kandace said...

Yay you!

I ended up missing 10 days. Mostly because of phone calls. Really, I'd have a post Mostly written & get a call at 10 or 11 and take the call, then be on the phone til 1am or so. I was always tempted to hit post & claim it as that day, but I couldn't. But at least beds did what I wanted & made me get back in a blogging frame of mind.

also, I always read. No getting lost or too long winded for me. I just cant always respond. Or I'll save it in my reader for a few days until I Can.

Obviously my daughter & I both think you're awesome. So don't take Too long between posts in October.

Megs said...

First of all, congratulations, you win the freaking internet!

Secondly, we're in a motherfucking boat! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA*gasp*HA!

Tori said...

"The problem with blogging every day (besides clogging up people's Readers) is that the focus instantly shifts to quantity over quality and I spend less time actually thinking about what to write and then writing halfway decent posts, versus cranking out whatever my brain latches onto first, just so I can post something for the day and cross it off my list."

I don't know, man. Your Post of Forty Fucks was pretty epic in spite of (or because of?) its stream-of-consciousness nature. You could definitely post more of those.

Anonymous said...

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