Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ladies. I would be remiss in my duties as a female if I didn't tell you about this super amazing hair shit that I found. I mean, I didn't find it so much as it was on the cover of the Avon catalog screaming at me to try it. (My downstairs neighbor started selling Avon and it's probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me because they have so much awesome stuff that I want to try. So far I have found this hair product that I am going to tell you about, an awesome mattifier which I will tell you about another time, and my new favorite lip gloss in the entire world.)

So I did. It claims to fix heat damage, chemical damage, ALL THE DAMAGE, and I was skeptical because none of the stuff I ever buy actually does any of that. And quite frankly, I have done a number on my hair because not only do I color it every month but I have rekindled my love affair with my flat iron.

If I had more time, I would have photoshopped this image to show heavenly beams coming out of it and added music of angels singing and God himself holding it out for you to try because it is AMAZING.

YOU GUYS. I used it ONCE and my hair felt like magic. It was soooo soft and amazing and magical and I couldn't stop touching it. I even made my sister touch it. While we were in the middle of my birthday dinner. She looked at me funny. But she agreed that it was, indeed, very soft.

I used it again a day or so later (right before I straightened it again, because there's nothing quite like being counterproductive) and, again: magic! Also, maybe I'm looking for things that aren't there, but I swear it has visibly reduced my split ends. AND I HAVE ONLY USED IT TWICE SO FAR.


Also, it smells nice.

Anyway. I'm linking to where you can buy this, it's on sale right now for $9.99 and it's amaaaaaaaazing and I obviously get nothing out of this other than the sheer satisfaction that I have made the world a better place because I have magically fixed everyone's hair problems.

Anyway anyway, if you have damaged hair, I recommend you try it, this is some amazing stuff right here. (You can totally see why I'm not in sales, right?)

The end.

PS - I am not getting paid for this. Though I should be. Who is responsible for cutting checks for this sort of profound adoration? Anyone? Bueller?


The Phoenix Rising said...

How much they paying you for this? lol =)

chimes said...


Also, thanks for sharing!

AND one more thing. I told you about getting my professional haircolor on AMAZON right? I think once I give that a whirl, I would be willing to do yours once in a while if you're interested. It lasts longer w/ out fading.

Megs said...

So my main question was going to be how often are you supposed to use it because sometimes stuff like that makes my hair awesome for a week and then starts to make my hair...blechy. On the other hand, $10 is less than I generally spend on hair stuff, so its probably worth the investment...

Germana said...

Thanks *yoink*. I totally just ordered it from my sister that sells Avon. :)

Tori said...

I believe that Avon should be the one cutting you the check. But they have a pretty hefty sign-up process you'll need to go through, first.