Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Uterus Is Still Unimpressed

Judging by the resounding echo of cricket chirps around here, nobody seems to be terribly enthused about hearing about my culinary endeavors. Very well, then, we'll try something else.

I call it "Cute Things I Found on the Internet: A Series (If I Feel Like Doing It Again)."

I'm not real big on babies, but I love BABIES IN COSTUMES. I think that enjoyment probably stems from the same part of my brain that also delights in seeing people dress up their pets. (I mean, babies are kind of like pets, right? No? This is why I should not ever reproduce.)

I was browsing around the Target site to see their Halloween costumes for pets (because I may or may not be needing something new for my cat) and then there were babies in costumes and I giggled and now I'm posting some here because: babies! in costumes!

I don't know what it is about the sheer awesomeness of living things who are completely helpless to one's desire to dress them up as whatever one finds to be cute or clever. Babies. Pets. Boyfriends. Yet when looking at people's Halloween pictures, usually their living accessories are more interesting than the person in question. Babies are probably the easiest to dress up (again, I've never tried to dress a baby, so I can't actually verify the accuracy of that statement) because they have no clue what is going on. It's just another ridiculous outfit to them. And dammit, look how happy these babies are to be in costume. I suspect they enjoy it more than my cat does.


This one is my favorite. LOOK AT IT.

One year, I saw a costume set where there was a gorilla suit for the parent and the banana for the baby.
That one still wins as my favorite. I wish I had a picture. Or that I wasn't too lazy to Google for it.

Apparently babies dressed as food is the Thing this year.

Whatever, this kid is just cute.

So. There's that. I'm actually quite excited for Halloween this year, assuming I can find my wig from two years ago. I really don't want to spend any money this year because I spent all the money last year assembling various pieces then at the last minute went as something else because I like theme-ing with my friends. 

Anyway. I really just wanted an excuse to post the picture of the baby in the pea pod and so I made a whole post around it that doesn't make any sense because I should really be sleeping right now but that's never stopped me before from posting something completely nonsensical. (See: yesterday. and the day before. and possibly last Tuesday. Hell, pick a day. This blog rarely makes much sense. AND THAT IS WHY WE ALL LOVE IT SO MUCH.)

If you have babies or pets and you dress them up, please share pictures with me. I will possibly clap with glee like a complete dork.

Oooh, I really want to do a blog contest now where people have to dress up their pets (or babies, if you have one lying around) and then we all pick the best one. Is anyone interested in humoring my whims participating? I'll find a prize of some sort! And do a post with all the entries and link to your respective bloggies and try to strategize some sort of fair way to determine a winner.

Ok, for real. I'm going to bed now. Totally leaving the pet/baby/baby pet costume challenge on the table as a viable option. Comment if you want to play. If I get enough people, it's totally on... like... a thing that is on. Metaphors are not my strong suit at this hour.*

*It's barely past midnight-thirty. I AM OLD.


Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

The best costume ever was when my parents dressed my little sister up as a pumpkin and then stuffed the front and back of her outfit with couch pillows. She was so stuffed that when I'd push her over she'd lay there like a turtle on her back unable to turn over.

I may, or may not have done this to her all night long.


Ashley said...

Somehow I don't think I would look that adorable dressed as a hot dog.

Megs said...

Gah. GAH. Babies in costumes are creepy. CREEPY. AH.

But the banana was kind of cute. What I could see of it as I peeked through my fingers while shrieking like a little girl.

Stacey said...

I think the babies in costume are adorable. I also think your blog is at its best when it makes no sense! :)

Julie said...

I've got a monster/cute cyclops costume for Colby but he refuses to wear it and Erik says it is child abuse if I make him. Sigh. But it's sooooo cute!

Kandace said...

I Love putting kids in costumes. And if it weren't so damn Hard to find costumes ig the St Bernard & Bernese sizes I'd dress my dogs up too. If I had a sewing machine I'd Learn to make costumes do my kids could dress up & same with my dogs & cat All Year.

Yes, really.

You should post monthly pictures of your cat in costume. Because all cats need costumed at least once a month.

ameena said...


Tori said...

OH FUCK YES I WILL DRESS UP MY DOG FOR THE PURPOSES OF ENTERTAINMENT. Have a contest. And then have one again in like, four years so Dan and I* can dress up the baby we will presumably have by that time.

* Mostly just me, not Dan.