Sunday, September 4, 2011

No, My First Name Ain't - Ah, Just Forget It.

I'm really, really worried about the state of the world. I posted what I presumed to be a well-known line from an iconic 80s-era song ("no, my first name ain't baby..."), replacing Janet Jackson's name with my own, because I thought I was being all clever. What appalled me is that PEOPLE DIDN'T GET IT. I mean, some people did, I assume, as they "liked" it (though you can never be sure) but I had to EXPLAIN IT to a guy from my high school. I was thoroughly vexed by this. I don't think I want to associate with people who don't understand or appreciate things like this. And you know what, guys? It's only going to get worse. I bet kids these days don't even know who Janet Jackson is. They may not even know who Michael Jackson is. They  may have never heard "Thriller." I'm having heart palpitations right now. I mean, Thriller was a bit before my time, as I was but a twinkle in my parents' eyes when it was released, but my daddy raised me right and showed me the music video when I was old enough to, you know, not be freaked out by it. I mean, I get that not everyone is as much of a sponge as I am in picking up information and pop culture trivia, nor does everyone love the 80s to the same degree that I do... but still. I assumed everyone - at least in my age bracket - was familiar with "Nasty" at least.

I may have to periodically post similar status updates so I can cull the herd and remove anyone who doesn't understand such things. I just... gah. It was so unsettling.

Fortunately, I can generally count on you people to be a bit more culturally savvy than this. And I love ya for it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go off and grumble about how things were back in my day and shoo some kids off my lawn.


Megs said...

I got it, but I think I'm actually older than you, so that's probably not helpful.

I knew I was officially old the day I mentioned the smurfs to a young cousin and she said, "What's a smurf?" I probably should have just applied for AARP right then.

chimes said...

I GOT IT. It's Janet, Ms. Jackson if you're Nasty. I love that song!

Stacey said...

I saw this go down on FB. I certainly got it (80s references forever!), but I shook my head and shed a tear for those who obviously aren't as fantastically well-versed in the pop culture realm.

likethe309 said...

I saw that on your FB and it took everything I had not to comment on the fact that people didn't get it. WTF mate?