Monday, September 26, 2011

Scenes From a Birthday

So this past weekend was pretty much perfect. As far as birthday celebrations go, it was fairly low-key, especially in comparison to last year (which, to be fair, wasn't that.. high-key(?), but it was a tad more eventful than other years), but it was exactly what I wanted and needed. I got to spend it with all of my favorite people* and there was good food and lots of laughing and just a general blanket of happiness over the whole thing.

*at least those that live in Iowa. I have too many people with pieces of my heart that are scattered across the country. I don't like it. Everyone needs to move here so my life can be complete.

Anyway. Here are some pictures from Friday night. Because they are adorable and I felt like posting pictures today instead of writing words. So there.



Also, we totally got photobombed by the little girl over Calee's shoulder.


With our FANCY martinis. Because we are FANCY.

So: cheers to 27, so far it's been off to a delightful start. Let's keep our collective fingers crossed that it stays that way.



Kandace said...

My daughter likes to look over my shoulder while I read blogs. Her response to this?

That's your pretty friend!

You don't have a name apparently. But she enjoyed seeing your pictures & pointing out where you were in them. I just had to share that with you. :)

I'm glad your birthday was fun (happy birthday by the way).

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...


And no, you move here. Because I said so.

Megs said...

No, you move here! There's, like, barely any snow here ever. Also...uh...fried chicken! And...Clinton should move here!

chimes said...

yayyy! PS you may have linked me to steph's blog.

Terra said...

Yay 27!! I really like it so far. It's been good to me.