Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dear Internets,

I have The Strep. It is most unpleasant. I cannot stay comfortable for more than five minutes and I am having trouble sleeping when I try to sleep and concentrating when I try to work. Every time I try to sleep, I instinctively reach for a sheet at the very least (I NEED TO BE SNUGGLED IN BLANKETS) which really does nothing more than increase my temperature, so... that sucks. So I'm killing some time on the lappy until my headache comes back and forces me to find something else to do.

My mother suggested strep throat as an option last night, which made sense, so I figured I'd actually, you know, go to the doctor. Which seemed like a super idea this morning when I woke up feeling like I was being stabbed in the throat by tiny little knives. So I went in, the nurse came at me with a swab and tongue depressor (she is talented, though - I started to pull away almost immediately and she stuck with it and managed to get a good swipe, though, frankly, when I woke up this morning, I could totally see visible white spots at the back of my throat. I guess they have to run the tests, though.) Diagnosis was confirmed, antibiotics were given, home again I went, and in a state of misery I remain. I feel slightly better than yesterday as I'm not burning with a fever or shaking violently from chills anymore, but... ugh. Sucktastic. I used to get strep throat all the time as a kid but it's been quite a while and I forgot how much it does suck.

Also apparently my flex plan doesn't reset until October 1 and I'm out of money on that thanks to my special ER bills from the Elbow Incident, so I totally get to eat all those costs of the copay and Rx out of pocket. Plus all the OTC shit that I bought that no longer counts anyway. Whiiiiiiiiich means I'm out of money again. Fucking fabulous.

Anyway, for everyone who has said nice things on here or on Twitter or even emailed me, thank you, I appreciate it. You guys are the bestest.



Brandi said...

I used to get strep all the time too as a kid. NOT fun at all. The health center at school finally decided to give me some antibiotics today...even though I've been complaining about sinus issues for two whole weeks. Boo those whores.

Megs said...

Funny mini-story: every time my husband has even a little bit of a sore throat he is convinced he has strep. I think his experiences as a child have left him in permanent fear of ever feeling that again.

Feel better soon.

terra said...

Boo to the strep! I'm sorry you're sick and so sorry you had to get swabbed. The swabbing is awful and my least favorite thing. It's why I tend to avoid going to the doctor when I feel sick. I'd generally rather suffer than have the swabbing. I am a baby, for sure.