Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Post Smells Like Filler

I have like forty minutes to crap out a blog post in order to succeed in #BEDS, but I guess if Katherine can post a post that says "this is a post" and have it count, I totally can too. Right?? (LOVE YOU K).

I dunno. I don't really have much to say today. I'm not feeling nearly as bitchy as I was the other day. I did get stressed out today and broke Plan and ate like two bags of M&Ms, POINTS BE DAMNED. (They were just the little bags, regular candy-bar sized). (I regretted this decision later. Mostly because I don't like plain M&Ms all that much). (I tweeted about all this and my friend Keith told me that I was starting to sound like Cathy. The comic strip. You know the one. I'm not sure if that was an insult or a warning. I'll choose to heed it as the latter. Oy. This is what I have been reduced to, people.)

So, anyway. It will be interesting to see what happens when I weigh in tomorrow. I've kind of hit my first plateau over the last couple weeks, but this could largely have been to the fact that I've gotten really lazy about counting my points and I've gotten lazy, period. But with fall softball coaching starting up and trying to keep up with a herd of easily-distracted ten year olds, I'm starting to get back on track. My six minutes that I was able to run made it all the way up to eight, and now I've plummeted back down to, like, two and a half. Disappointing. Also, this past week totally hasn't counted because I've been so flat-ass broke that I've been consuming whatever food I can drum up. Not starving to death > counting points. All in all, I suspect it will be a wash. Even so, I'm hanging around in the 31-32lb loss range, so YAY. I'm gonna eat the most amazing cheeseburger I can get my hands on next weekend for my birthday. I don't even care. My point is, if I'm not losing much right now, it's my own damn fault for being negligent, but on the bright side, it kind of appears as though, when left to my own devices, I can do an okay job of maintaining, simply because I don't need to eat as much as I used to. I'm still calling it a success.

Anyway I'm sleepy now so this post is going to be over. You can thank me later for thoroughly enriching your lives with this super-well-thought-out information.


Megs said...

I'm fat because of the not smoking thing. I have been shoving vast quantities of all kinds of horrible things in my mouth. 2 bags of m&ms is totally amateur, is where I'm going here. I wouldn't sweat it until you are eating your feelings and they taste like two whole bags of double stuff oreos. Which may or may not have happened last weekend.So now whatever happens you can say "At least I'm not as pathetic as Megs."

PS my word verification is needs. What is it trying to say to me?

Tori said...

Isn't it awesome to be able to moderate yourself while not counting points? Example: We had cake for my mom's birthday. I took three bites. THREE. I didn't want anymore.

What is WW doing to me??