Monday, October 17, 2011

NEW and EXCITING THINGS. Or, Thing, Singular. Whatever.



A bunch of fellow bloggers created a collaborative project called Twenties Hacker, a guide of sorts on navigating the crazy times of your twenties.

I thought it was cool and added it to my reader and didn't think much else of it or even trying to get involved with it until Doniree put out a call for food writers. I thought about it for a few minutes. I like food. I like to write. I like to write about food. It was a once-a-month commitment and I could totally do it. While brainstorming for topics I suggested doing a feature where I pull recipes from the Internet - specifically, Pinterest - to see if they were actually worth making (or possible to make) in real life. Because they obviously LOOK good, but are they? And Doni loved it and so now I have a weekly feature and I'm super super excited about it, especially because for this first month I am doing a pumpkin theme and we all know how much I love pumpkin stuff.

My VERY FIRST POST went up today! It's basically just an introduction to the series with the first actual recipe coming next week (I was all done with it until I decided to try one more twist on it and that turned out even better than the first batch so I need to update it, plus I just found my camera cable so I can finally get my pictures uploaded.) I'm kind of stupidly excited about this.

I'm also stupidly nervous about it. I mean, here, with this blog, I kind of know my audience and everyone seems to like me well enough. I've never written for someone else's audience, save for the guest post I did for Tori. What if they hate me? What if I just come across looking like an idiot? I guess in that case, at the worst they could leave me negative comments, at the best they could simply not read it. Oh, well.

It also gives me an excuse to bake/cook again. I used to do it all the time when I was living in my first apartment, because I was working at Target and all my friends were forty-five miles away and I had not much of a social life to speak of. But I did have a cozy apartment and a nice kitchen. So I baked.

My mother stopped by my house last week when I was mid-baking and I forced her to try my two versions of my pumpkin muffins (spoiler alert!) and she emailed me later and said that I seemed different when I was baking. Happier, bubblier, more alive somehow. She asked if I felt any different when I was in the kitchen. I'd never thought of it, but I suppose so. Baking is my stress relief. I'll save my introspection on this for another day, but. I just thought that was interesting.

So, anyway, in summary: I'm doing food writing over at Twenties Hacker and you should follow along if you would like. I'm also constantly curating my food board that I will be pulling from (not to be confused with my food board of pretty things that I would never be able to replicate). I've got monthly themes more or less planned out for the next six months already but I'm a bit fuzzy on what I want to do for the summer. I guess we'll even wait and see if people even like it.

I just realized I totally forgot to work a Julie and Julia joke into that intro post. Dammit.


terra said...

Okay so this totally explains the flury of amazing things I wanted to put in my mouth IMMEDIATELY that you posted on pinterest recently. I was cursing you a little bit becau you made me so hungry with your pins and yet I had nothing delicious in my cabinets to whip.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your posts on Twenties Hacker and congratulations!

ameena said...

so ridiculously excited for you! cannot wait to read!! YOU ARE AMAZING.

Steph A said...

Awesome! I have a couple cents' worth of an opinion on food blogs, which you are free to acknowledge or ignore as you see fit: I prefer blogs with pictures, especially when it comes to food blogs, but i'd much rather read one with no pictures than one with bad pictures. I know that you are capable of taking good photographs, so i'm sure this can easily be satisfied. Either way, i will read your posts, because you are one of my favoritest friends. :)

doniree said...

I agree w/ Steph on the part about pictures! LOVE food photos. And Kelly - I love having you on my team! :)