Sunday, October 30, 2011

November Approacheth...

I have signed up for both NaBoPloMo and NaNoWriMo. I have exactly one day to decide which one I'm actually going to do. Unless I'm batshit crazier than I thought, and try them both. OH SHIT THAT WOULD BE INSANE. But I'm a multi-tasker by trade. So. I don't know. I'll give it a shot, I guess. I kind of want to do both. Is that weird? That's probably weird.

Also, the NaBloPoMo badge is ugly this year. So I'm not posting it. Blech.

We could totally make a pool to see when I give up on the novel. That would be fun. Knowing my ability to follow-through with writing fiction... yeah. I have no faith in myself that I can actually do it, but that's kind of totally the point of it, right? Right. (Put your guesses in the comments! Winner gets a prize!)

Meanwhile... new post up tomorrow at Twenties Hacker. I'll link to it here if you're too lazy to find it yourself. (Yes, that's right: I'll be maintaining an additional food column on top of the writing craziness. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Actually, don't answer that.)



Kaci Johanna said...

I didn't know novel writing was something you were into?! Awesome. If that's a passion, I'd say focus on that. You just need to figure out which (writing a novel or devoting more time to your blog) is more important to you personally, and go with that one. Either way, good luck!

Kandace said...

If you decide to do blo you should join our bribe/prize group on twitter. I told katie if she does every day I'll send her a prize. Then i included carolina & gfm. Because I like them. And since I like you too I'll totally bribe you if you want me to. :)

Either way, decide which is most important to you at the moment. If you decide to do both you'll know which you'll let slide if you can only do One one day. Or be like me & play it by ear on which you skip if you have to.

You'll do fine on either. I know it. :)

Tori said...

I still don't know what all this NaNoPaLoMo nonsense is, and I'm too lazy to Google it.