Friday, November 18, 2011

Help a Sister Out!

So I got the most awesome email this morning from a girl named Sarah, who contacted me from my other blog (my poor, neglected 30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30 project) with the following request:

I ran across your thirty things blog and I love it! I am turning 30 on December 9th, and for the 30 days leading up to it, I am doing something to "treat myself" every day.  So far, I've gotten a gold sparkly nail polish manicure, tried a big mac for the first time, became an ordained minister online, toured a historic mansion, had martinis with my best friend at a drag queen joint, dressed myself like I did when I was 6 (meaning I took all of my favorite things and wore them at the same time), went to go see Santa Claus (my family didn't do Santa when I was a kid)...... etc.  I was wondering if you had any other ideas that didn't make your list?  Turns out coming up with one every day is harder than i thought!  I have a few planned ahead - Tea Time at the Drake Hotel (always wanted to do that) and volunteering at a soup kitchen. Any help you could be would be great!  

GUYS. I have a mission for us. We need to come up with some stuff for her. Supposedly there are ~50 of you out there (plus some lurkers, maybe) so I'm sure we can brainstorm some awesome ideas.
The extras I have are pretty weak. Things that I really wanted to do while still in my twentysomething years (try sushi... change my hair... go to a professional sporting event [totes counted it for the Iowa Cubs baseball game my sister and I went to - hey, they're minor league, it's legit]) felt like cheating because they were sort of opportunities that fell into my lap before I started my list. I keep thinking of little things (ride a motorcycle... go backstage at a concert...) and sometimes I'll substitute them into the real list if something proves impossible (cheating? maybe. I don't caaaare. MY LIST MY RULES.) Also, the stuff she's come up with so far are pretty awesome (I should become an ordained minister online! Why not?!) so I want to help her out with some equally awesome ideas.
What do you have for Sarah? SHARE!!! (I may or may not steal some of these for myself, also.)


chimes said...

- Wear a Hello Kitty shirt for the last time.
- Run a 5K (or next step longer race if she's done a 5K)
- Try sushi
- Learn a new hobby (knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc.)
- Make something homemade that you normally buy (pasta, ice cream, pasta sauce)
- Karoake
- Make a snow angel (esp. if she's not from somewhere that there's snow)
- Take a class in something new (hobby, exercise, etc)
- Go antiquing and find something really fun for the house
- Do a bar/pub crawl
- Learn how to make a martini
- Learn how to make an omlette
- Learn an instrument (or start taking lessons on an instrument)
- Get a massage
- Cut or color your hair something completely different — bonus points, take suggestions from bloggers
- Send a real letter to a relative or friend
- Dress up to go to dinner or a movie

I'm all out of ideas. :)

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure that I would be wearing a Hello Kitty shirt for the first AND last time. Haha...

Tori said...

1. Buy a snuggie.
2. Go somewhere wearing said snuggie.
3. Have your legs waxed.
4. Learn (or re-learn) a foreign language.
5. Buy that giant multi-pack of colored Sharpies, JUST TO HAVE IT.
6. I was going to make this one "adopt a mochababy," but that might be too much commitment. Though I am happy to babysit and / or steal your child!

Kelly L said...

@Tori - What about: have your legs waxed WHILE WEARING A SNUGGIE?

Molly Nagel said...

- bake bread at home, with yeast, without a bread machine
- learn an artisanal recipe, like Coque au vin or Bouef Bourguignon
- visit a state park you've never been to before
-get a psychic reading or a palm reading
-go on a roadtrip with no plan at all- just fill up the gas tank and start driving, stop places you've never been before.
-donate food or blankets to an animal shelter or rescue
-ride a horse
-go to a pet store. Find a creepy looking thing like a snake, tarantula, or lizard. Ask to hold it. Don't flip out.
-Drop a ridiculous amount of money on an exceptionally good meal. By ridiculous, I mean plan on blowing at least $40 on yourself in one evening, or less if you go do it with friends and share the food around.
- go to one of those paint-your-own-pottery studios and make yourself a custom something.
- Throw a dinner party, invite at least 5 people, and have a really good time

Stacey said...

I'm a little late to this game, so most of the suggestions I had have already been listed. However, it sounds like she may be from the Chicago area (my sister used to work at The Drake), so maybe a few things that are city-specific:
- Touch the grass at Wrigley Field (or walk on the field if you can get a hook up)
- Dress to the nines to get a ridiculously fancy drink at the top of the Hancock Building
- Go to a Second City show and somehow get yourself involved in the show...or take an improv class there or any other club
- Ride an El line from end to end (maybe don't do this solo!)
- Go to a city pizzaria and get them to let you throw dough

If I'm wrong and Sarah's not from, generalize these to fit the appropriate city. :)