Monday, November 21, 2011

I! S! U!

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So, you may or may not have heard, but my precious little underdog alma mater totally upset #2 Oklahoma State on Friday. I was actually out of town and offline all evening (I KNOW, RIGHT) so I had no idea until I got home again on Saturday. It's insane. My neighbor said you could hear the crowd at the stadium all the way at our house. Which, to be fair, we don't live THAT far from the stadium. If it hadn't been my  mother's birthday, I totally would have been out there tailgating in my Cy hat that I haven't gotten to really wear yet. Ah, well.

We've been having a good season. We pulled off a win against Iowa, who is generally a top-notch team, and managed to pull off some other key victories, despite that our schedule was something from the depths of football hell. Friday's win granted us bowl game eligibility, and while it feels like every single football team in the country goes to a bowl game nowadays, it's no small feat that we managed to pull off a 6-win season. We're not done yet, but our next/last two games aren't really cake, either. Most people had dismissed the idea of a bowl game because of the last three games we had lined up. But... you know. We decided to knock over the #2 team. Because that's how we roll.

Anyway. Our coach has been amazing. He's turning our program around and making this town proud of our team again.

So, in honor of His Coachiness, here are some pictures of us. And by us, I mean me + cardboard cutouts of him from a client event I helped with this past fall. Same thing, right?


And just for funsies, here's a highlights/montage video, including clips of Coach's post-game speech. It's kind of awesome. I may have almost teared up a little.

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