Friday, November 4, 2011

TGIF. Etc.

So anyway, it's Friday. Unfortunately it is NOT a payday Friday, so it's really the worst kind of Friday. You know, the kind where I am resigned to staying at home all weekend because I can't afford to do anything or go anywhere, because the vet took a small eternity to cash the check I wrote them and I am irresponsible and forgot about it because WHO TAKES THAT LONG and so it wiped out all the extra money I thought I was going to have this pay cycle. So, fuck. On the bright side, my cat is now acting like normal again, so... that's good. I wish she could have just worked out her issues without me having to haul her into the vet twice because of course they totes called me out on the fact that she was way behind on her shots and so I had to get those updated too. Basically I blew $250 on that damn furball in about a week's time span. Two. Hundred. And. Fifty. Fucking. Dollars. That's like two or three tanks of gas and a month's worth of groceries and maybe even a new pair of shoes. Ughhhhh.

Also, ALSO! Because this week is full of first world problems, I gained three fucking pounds this week. THREE. By the official handbook that I was handed by society at large when I hit puberty, I think I am now legally required to hate myself.

It also means my total weight loss is at 29 pounds instead of 32. Which is upsetting. It's more upsetting because the way I've been slacking, I can only seem to lose fractions of a pound at a time, which means it's probably going to take me two months to take off those three pounds. Which, when looking at the two months immediately in front of me (HOLIDAYS) it's not going to happen.

So I celebrated my downward spiral into guilt and shame by eating three pieces of the free pizza that was at my afternoon meeting yesterday. One for each pound, I guess. (I think this is where I insert "FML" if that particular acronym didn't make me want to stab out my eyeballs so much.)

But enough about me. Let's get down to business. I think it's time we did the GIVEAWAY WINNERS for the Shutterfly holiday cards! Yeah! That will improve my mood and also the moods of three of you. (I am seeing an uncomfortable theme of the number "three" today, hmm. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!)

DRUMROLL.   (Nothing interesting this time, guys. Just using a random number generator. Woo!)




WINNER #1: Kaci

 WINNER #2: Terra

WINNER #3: Stacey!

I will be emailing you ladies with your promo codes. Feel free to add me to your Christmas card mailing list. I would love to see what cards you end up choosing!

For those of you that didn't win, I'll find something else to give away soon. I'm like Oprah.



Stacey said...

I won!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!

christa said...

the voldemort pic is to-die-for. LOVE.

terra said...

YAY! Thank you!!!

Kaci Johanna said...

Ack! Just realized I never posted my OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH here! :) So... OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!