Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of... Pumpkin Cake

Today is my last pumpkin recipe on TwentiesHacker before I move into the more seasonally-appropriate peppermint. (Cheers from the crowd? Maybe?)

Shoutout to the chimes for requesting this. I had found a different pumpkin cake ball recipe on the Pinterest that I had saved but I printed them both off and compared them and hers seemed better. So that's the one I made.

Also, this one kind of drove me crazy, but it's possibly because I'm just not wise in the ways of the world. It calls specifically for white chocolate flavored candy melts... which Twitter told me are NOT the same thing as baking chips or white chocolate chips and so you should not try to substitute one for the other even if you have wandered the entire grocery store and are cranky and frustrated because apparently the place to FIND candy melts are at craft stores. I don't know. So I bought a box of baking squares at Target, which I realized were not going to be enough for the entire batch, so I continued my quest and found a bag of candy melts. Hobby Lobby, bless their souls, had milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate mint, vanilla in like five different colors, and orchid (!?) - but no white chocolate. Waving the white flag of defeat, I went home with a bag of vanilla. And then I ran out anyway so I had to do the last third of the batch with some chocolate almond bark that I had stashed in my pantry from last December. All in all, the whole thing was kind of ridiculous.

Also, The cake itself smelled a lot like the pumpkin muffins I made (you know, the ones with just cake mix and a can of pumpkin) and so now I'm slightly curious as to what would happen if you just took those two ingredients and, instead of putting them in a muffin pan, put them into a cake pan and tried to bake it. I think I'm going to try this. (For science!) Why not? I have an overabundance of pumpkin since I felt compelled to buy a can every time I was in the grocery store.When/if I decide to try this, I'll let you guys know how it works out.

Please love this post. It took me forever. In between the questing for the damn candy melts and the actual making of the cake balls and trying to get my stupid pictures sorted and edited and then my browser crashed mid-post which caused me to have to rewrite part of it... it took me a long-ass time. HOURS.

Also the cake balls are really good.

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Megs said...

I really hate you right now. I mean, I totally love you, but you are making me fat.Ter.

Because I will have to make these, but because my husband doesn't know what's good and hates pumpkin, I am going to have to eat them all myself.

I'm sorry...did you say something about sharing with co-workers or friends? Because I can't hear you. I'm thinking about if I have the skill to make these look pretty before I eat them with my mouth.