Monday, December 12, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly Contest, It's the Best Time of The Yearrrr

Hey, it's Monday! That means I have a new post up on Twenties Hacker. This week: Sparkling Peppermint Cookies. Go check it out. Then come back. Because there is awesomeness contained within this post.

I had an amazing idea yesterday Saturday while putting together my "things that currently make me happy or at least not seethe with hatred toward the world" post. It was triggered by my ugly sweater t-shirt that I found and bought and then was like, "I wish other people would get them too, or wear ugly sweaters and take pictures so we could have kind of a virtual ugly sweater party - and... and... wait!"


But then I got stuck trying to come up with a really good prize that would actually motivate people to put on an ugly sweater and take a picture and send it to a relative stranger on the Internet.

But then I stumbled on something awesome. Keep reading. You'll see.


1. Send me a picture of yourself wearing an ugly holiday sweater or approximation thereof OR send me a picture of your pet dressed up in some sort of holiday festiveness. I promise I won't use them for anything other than this contest.
1b. Please send them all to me by Dec 20th.
1c. Send them to If you are entering the pet contest, please be sure to tell me your pet's name!! If you would like me to link to your blog or website in a shameless promotional plug, be sure to include that link too and I totally will.

2. I will collect them all and put them in a post that will go up on Dec 21.

3. I'm going to let the people vote on their favorites (I'm hoping I can figure out how to set up a poll on SurveyMonkey or something.) So, yes, it will be subjective which maybe is fair and maybe isn't but we'll give it a try and see what happens. In the event of a tie, I will decide the winner. It's my blog, after all, and I am the queen of this kingdom. Queendom. Blogdom. Whatever.
3b. Voting will remain open until Dec 31.

4. There will be two winners: one human, one pet. Official winners will be announced on January 1. Or January 2, if I happen to leave my house on New Year's Eve and end up being hungover or something. I'm leaving the possibility open. Even though last year I crawled in bed at 11:30 and waited until midnight to turn the lights off and fall asleep. Because I'm awesome like that.

Prize for the Human Contest is a $10 gift card to the retailer of your choice as long as I can get it from Iowa and THIS TROPHY THAT I FOUND ON THE INTERNET BECAUSE OMG. Also it will have something engraved on it. Because I love you crazy mofos.

Prize for the Pet Contest is a $10 gift card (again, your choice) and some fancy ribbon that I have not yet acquired because pets are supposed to win, like, Best in Show ribbons or something, aren't they? I don't know. It will probably be awful and tacky and awesome and wonderful.

(Because I'm sure someone will ask, YES, you may enter both the human and pet contest, but you only get 1 entry per each. If you have multiple pets, either (a) pick your favorite or (b) make sure they're all in the same picture.)

And, go!


Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

I will be submitting entries to BOTH contests some time after work. If I can remember to put on makeup. And pants.

Megs said...

I am so in. Will you accept an ugly holiday sweatshirt though? Because that's what I have. It's awesome.

Megs said...

Also ditto Ashley as soon as my hair doesn't look like something nested in it.

Caryn said...

I don't have an ugly christmas sweater, ( i know, wtf) but I wish I did just for this. this is such an awesome idea! xo