Monday, December 19, 2011


After a weekend full of debauchery and bad decisions and yet another Grand Proclamation of "I'm never drinking again" and then some family time and some other randomness, it is once again Monday, which means I have a new post up on Twenties Hacker. It's one that I managed to fuck up because the original site LIED about being able to use a mini-muffin pan. I'm not taking the blame for this one. Even so, these little guys are a good idea in theory if one were to not fuck them up, so you should go check it out anyway.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is supposed to be the deadline for entries to the Ugly Sweater Contest. I have more entries in the Pet Division, which of course makes me happy, because animals in clothing is my favorite thing ever, but I do need some more people. Come on, people. Hit up your local Goodwill. I'm sure there is still some awfulness left. Otherwise Photoshop something onto your bod. I really don't care. I'm not a huge rule stickler. I just want there to be an abundance of tackiness to improve everyone's holiday seasons. If you don't have a sweater, just wrap yourself in twinkle lights or something. Don't disappoint me, Internet.


Megs said...

They all caught wind of how EPICALLY AWESOMELY HORRIBLE my sweatshirt is and they're scared to take me on.

They know the evil Santa will come get them if they mess with me.

chimes said...

damn i found a better pic of barney! even uglier sweater. check out my fb album of him. ;)