Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Who's The MOST FESTIVE Of Them All?

HERE THEY ARE!! The entries for the UGLY SWEATER CONTEST-slash-PET DRESSING UP CONTEST. They are all amazing and awesome and I've set up the voting ballots so go vote! Have your friends vote! Sorry this is so late. Work has kersploded and I've been a busy bee and just got home and had to inhale like three sugar cookies in order to get my strength up to complete this bad boy. What? Anyway. VOTE VOTE VOTE.

Okay, so SurveyMonkey is apparently being kind of an asshole today - if you are having problems voting, you can do it in the comments OR you can email to me. Damn technology anyway. *fist shake*


1. Germana:

2. Megs:

3. Stacey's harem of sweater-clad men:

4. Tori:

6. Ashley:


1. Shasta:

2. Tucker:

3. Barney

3. Leela:

4. Nixon:

5. Dino & Pookie:

6. Oly:

Merry Whatever-you-celebrate, everyone!

EDIT: WAIT! I think I found a way to embed the survey RIGHT HERE. Please hold while I see if I can figure it out without breaking the Internet.

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Steph A said...

Your linky isn't working. And i don't see an embedded survey. But! We can do this the old-fashioned way:

HUMAN: #4, Tori
PET: #6, Oly

And all these photos of adorable doggies are not helping my puppy fever.

Melanie said...

I'm unable to leave anything either but I vote for SHASTA!! SHASTA!