Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not Everything Sucks.

As promised, here is a list of things I don't hate right now.

1. Animals being cute.
It melts my cold frozen bitch-heart.

2. Hugo

I was going to skip this movie because it didn't look that interesting to me but my friend made me go with him and HOLY SHIT guys. This movie is amazing. It is visually stunning, just absolutely gorgeous. The story itself is not quite what I expected but it's beautiful and wonderful and almost brought me to tears at the end. Someone on Twitter told me the book is full of amazing pencil drawings, so I might have to go check that out. But, go see this. It's wonderful.

3. Harry Potter

I am becoming one of Those people. Someone send help.

4. Ugly Sweater T-shirts
I purchased this online yesterday from a local shop in Des Moines and I am so excited for it to arrive. I hope I end up with an ugly sweater party to go to. If not, I'm wearing it on Christmas anyway. Even if I'll be spending most of the day in airports and airplanes.

They have other styles too. You should order one. If you do and take a picture of yourself wearing it I'll totally make a blog post about it.


5. Accidental giveaways/contests.

See above.

I can't continue with this list because now I am REALLY EXCITED about this giveaway that is brewing in my weirdly excitable little brain.


The Phoenix Rising said...

I thought of something to say and then changed my mind but your word verification wants me to spell "assman" so I must comment.

Molly Nagel said...

You need to add a picture of Tucker in his holiday collar and bowtie.

Kandace said...

Animals being cute is important for the WORLD.

And I admit I haven't even heard of Hugo (or any other movies) but now I want to see it.

Love the shirts, I would totally dress my kids in ugly sweater shirts. Must look into kid size ugly holiday sweater shirts.

Then I must wonder if I'm lame for being all excited for tomorrow (today) and your post. But I am. Totally.

Germana said...

OK, I just had to get that T-shirt. I couldn't decide between the snowman one or the red deer. In the end, the deer won out. I hope I get it before Christmas!