Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do You Believe In Magic?

I do.

Not the Harry Potter sort of wand-waving, spell-chanting magic. Though that would be pretty bad-ass.

I'm talking about the kind of magic that makes your soul sparkle, makes you so completely happy that you feel like like you're full of bubbles and you're just going to burst.

Okay, that sounds cheesy. But it's the best I can do.

Last May, I got on an airplane, headed to a city I'd never been to, to spend the weekend with 57 people I'd never met before. Up until recently (story pending!), it was the bravest, ballsiest thing I'd ever done.

I'd watched Bloggers in Sin City from afar in 2010, I'd even gone to the site, and I chickened out. I reasoned that I couldn't afford it and I wasn't a real blogger, not really, I would never fit in, blah blah blah. Then 2011 rolled around and I hovered over the site. I shut my computer, I came back to it. I argued with myself about all of the reasons I shouldn't go...

...and the reasons I should.

Finally I punched myself in the face (not really) and signed up. I was riding a high for several days, until I started to freak out about what I had actually gotten myself into. I alternated between nerves and excitement for the next five months, not really knowing what to expect.

And it was everything I never could have imagined.

I'm not going to re-hash the entire experience. That's what this page is for.

I did make a lovely image collage, though. FEAST your eyes. FEAST, FEAST I say! It took me damn near 3 hours to make this thing.

Click to embiggen. 
Full size is 11x17 or something stupidly large because I totally plan to print this out as a poster. Booyah.

Also, I totally stole this idea from Doni. She said it was okay.

And you're like, yeah, that's great, Kelly, so what?

Sooooo... I just signed up to go again this year and I'm pee-my-pants excited. I don't have any of the nerves and doubts and misgivings that I had last year. I feel like that little piece of my heart that I left behind last year will be waiting for me on the other side. I'm just itching to tackle-hug everyone I met last year and to meet a whole handful of new people that so far appear to be equally awesome. (I mean, maybe not equally - my inaugural batch of BiSCuits will always hold the most special-est of places in my heart, but there is room for more!).

You're not surprised by this, are you? You shouldn't be. BiSC was the most amazing, and yes, magical experience of my feeble twentysomething life. After last year's trip, there is no way I could have possibly imagined NOT going again. The price did go up from last year, but I'll be honest, Nicole could have been all “...and I will need your left kidney” and I would be all “LOL OK AND HERE'S AN I.O.U. FOR MY HYPOTHETICAL FIRST BORN” and sign up anyway. And she could have been all "...and we're just going to sit around and stare at each other for three days" and I would be all "CAN I WEAR SPARKLY THINGS? WILL THERE BE HUGS? THEN I'M IN."

Shit, we could be having this little get-together at a Holiday Inn in Des Moines and I'd be psyched. Granted, if it were in Des Moines, it would probably have to be called something like "BLOGGERS STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE" (BSitMoN), but at least I wouldn't have to shell out for a plane ticket.

I digress.

My POINT is, I was unfazed by this turn of events, because it meant that more stuff was included, so I didn't have to worry about being shell-shocked by $25 brunches (again) and whatever, it didn't matter, BiSC has my heart, and who am I to argue with love?

I mean, at first I was like, “oh shit, Ramen” and then I was like, “OH SHIT, CROCK POT, BAM!” and THEN I was like, “WAIT A HOT MINUTE, I'm going to be in Atlanta for work, where my food is covered, so I WILL NOT STARVE AFTER ALL” so basically it was fated for me to go because finances = manageable. I just filed my federal taxes yesterday (there's something in the state ones that is giving me pause and a potential rant, so I'm holding those for now) but my refund should cover that and my flight anyway. I mean, no, I haven't had a tab open with my preferred flight choice from Priceline for three weeks now, why do you ask?

Registration was last Monday while I was in Atlanta and holy shitballs those spots went fast. Like, it sold out in less than a week. So if you were hoping for a spot, you'll have to jump on the waitlist and do a better job of paying attention next year. Fortunately, I was able to get back to my hotel room after my shift was over and get signed up with 17 spots to spare. I then promptly spent the rest of the evening stalking all the people I didn't know yet, and creating new Twitter and Reader lists so to help make my stalking more efficient.

BUT! Here's the awesomest part. Paper'd, the new app by the amazing Shatterboxx ladies, is giving away a FREE spot to BiSC. Which means someone is getting their registration fee refunded. And sweet baby llamas, I could use that money back (which, of course, I would promptly turn around and spend IN Las Vegas, but that's neither here nor there.)

What's Paper'd? It's a sweet wallpaper app which makes me rather sad that I don't have an iPhone or iPad or even a Droid (though I think maybe they are doing laptop wallpapers too, in which case, I can play too!). Though let's be real. It's only a matter of time before I break down and GET an iPhone. I'm just biding my time and budget.

Here are some screencaps I took from their teaser site, just to give you an idea of how sweet it is going to be:


So, to recap: 2011 was awesome, I signed up again for 2012, Paper'd is giving away a free spot and this post is technically my entry and I hope I win but even if I don't, I don't even caaaaare because I'M GOING TO VEGAS MOTHERFUCKERS. 

Okay, maybe I care a little. I could really use that money back.

I'd probably buy an iPhone with it.

Financially responsible, I am not.

Guys, I am so excited. Not only are a lot of my favorite bloggers returning for another round, but there are some cool new peeps that have signed up which means MOAR FRIENDS and since I will be a gazillion times LESS nervous this year, I really have nothing left to do but since and bounce up and down until May.

The question now, of course, is how many items I can find with glitter and sequins between now and then because you can bet your ass I am going to leave a trail of sparkle in my wake. Because it's Vegas, and because I can.


ameena said...

your collage is INCREDIBLE. Like, I'm very, very obsessed with it. Also, BSitMON made me laugh for a very long time. CANNOT WAIT FOR MAY!

Tori said...

I'm really jealous. I let the reality of finances overcome me and opted not to sign up :((

chimes said...

Dude, if you win an entry, I want to buy your ticket off you. This sounds like a lot of fun. You could buy an iPhone AND get to show me the ropes. And potentially wax MJ.

terra said...

YAY! You have no idea how happy I am that you're beautiful face will be there again and this year we have to do better to spend time tackle hugging!

Megs said...

Poor people are jealous. I'm not naming names (me) but some poor people (me) might hate you a little bit.

Whatever, bitch. Have fun anyway.

I'm just kidding - I don't really hate you. Much.

Megs said...

No, seriously, I don't hate you and I hope you have tons of fun. And post tons of pictures.

Anonymous said...

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