Friday, January 20, 2012

Friiiday, Friiiday, Fun Fun Fun

Instead of focusing on the stuff that kind of sucks today (it snowed, it's about five degrees outside, I ate an entire roll of Thin Mints for breakfast), I'm going to tell you about stuff that is awesome.

1. I got my W2s today. I always get irrationally excited about these. I got my 1098 or whatever form it is for student loan interest so all I really want to do tonight is go home and file my taxes. I'm counting on my refund to pay for either Vegas, the plane ticket, or ideally, both. If I have a LOT leftover, I'm going to chuck it into savings and let it reproduce and then maybe maybe maybe finally buy an iPhone. My trusty Blackberry is getting old and cranky and I can't get any apps for it and sometimes the rollerball will only scroll up and not down and if I'm going to be paying for a data plan, I may as well do it for a phone that can actually do stuff.

2. I may have also purchased these.

Now, I'll be honest with you, a pair of red boots really wasn't on my list of things I needed. (Boots, in general, though, are my new love affair. At the trade show in Atlanta, I was forced to watch an endless parade of adorable boots and it only magnified my lust.) However, they're for part of my costume for this year's adult charity prom, which is... SUPERHERO themed. I about peed my pants when they announced it. I've always secretly wanted to be a superhero. So now I have a legitimate reason to dress up and pretend.

But yeah. Red boots. I guess now that I've bought them, I will have to wear them more than just that once. Maybe I'll take them to Vegas. I dunno. If you can't wear red boots in Vegas, where CAN you wear them?

Just kidding. I'm going to wear them all the time. Because I can. Maybe I'll even wear red lipstick with them, too. Just to be as bold as possible.

3. I also bought the aforementioned Prom tickets today. And by tickets, I mean ticket, because I always fly solo. I mean, my friends go, but I've never bothered with a date. If I was seeing someone, I would of course require him to come along, but I'm not, and it would be kind of a drag to have to occupy myself for the evening with some dude that I'm only "meh" about when I can be dancing like a drunken fool with my girls. And, yes, prom is probably the only time you will catch me on a dance floor, with the exception of the occasional wedding.

4. Okay, that's mostly it, but I think those are suitably excitement-inducing enough to hold me for now. Also, BiSC/Vegas, but that will get its own post. Naturally.


chimes said...

um I'm jealous that you stopped at one sleeve of thin mints. I have been known to eat one whole box.

yay for gluten intolerance. no more fucking cookies.

Kelly L said...

that's because i ate the other sleeve yesterday.

Molly Nagel said...

I so want to help with the rest of the superhero costume!

Megs said...

I love the boots. You could be a superhero, or a more modern version of Arial in Footloose, or just super awesome.

When the Samoas come in I can be counted on to eat an entire box in about 15 minutes.

terra said...

Those boots are HAWT. I'm kind of in love with them. You MUST bring them to Vegas!