Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This was supposed to be posted three days ago.

Some people wake up on New Years Day covered in glitter. I woke up this year covered in cat hair.

My life, you're jealous of it.

2011 had a nice symmetry to it. I rang in the new year buried under blankets in my bed, waiting for the digital readout on my alarm clock to hit 12:00 so I could fall asleep. I ended the year curled up under blankets (and a cat) on my couch, a nap gone awry into a longer sleep (hey, I had just gotten home from a week in Arizona - I was tired!). But it was a nice bookend to start and finish the new year alone in my apartment.

A lot happened between January 1 and December 31. I claimed once that 2011 seemed to be the year of "new" - new things, new opportunities, new friends, new experiences, new places, new 30-pounds-lighter self. I feel like making the bold proclamation that 2011 was one of the very best years of my life. It had its ups and downs, sure, but overall? It was perfect.

I have decided that 2012 is going to be my year to simplify. To cut out all the unnecessary shit in my life. Whether that be people or - ideally - the amount of sheer junk that's cluttering up my apartment, I am going to learn to say no, and to let go of the things I don't need. I have a lot of momentum going from this past year and there's really nothing I want to "improve" upon, per se. I just want to streamline, economize, get everything under control, and maybe tread water until I'm recharged and ready to kick some more ass in 2013.

I'm not going to make a list of resolutions (shall I pull up the list I made for 2010 again? So we can snicker and point and laugh about how I STILL haven't unpacked those last few boxes from my last move?). They all get broken anyway. I might jump on board with Katherine's brain-child of 12 Changes - making one small change per month that will gradually build into life habits. I haven't made my list yet, but I'm sure it will be things like "put X amount into savings each paycheck" and "make a point of exercising X times per week" and "eat more vegetables" and whatever. But those aren't resolutions, they're lifestyle changes. (Speaking of which, I should probably haul my ass to a weigh-in this week... I cringe at the thought of what the holidays have undoubtedly done to my waistline. The holidays, of course, being code for "point-counting has become tedious and exhausting and I needed a break dammit." Potato, potahto.)

I have started being mildly productive, though - I've instituted a new Closet Policy of "wear it or get rid of it." I SHALL BE RUTHLESS. Maybe. I'm genetically programmed to be a hoarder. We'll see.

Stay tuned for my obligatory summary of what 2011 contained to make it so great. In fact, stay tuned for a barrage of posts because I have fallen behind and started like six of them and they ALL NEED POSTED.


likethe309 said...

I think I'm going to steal your get rid of the clutter idea. I have so many clothes, yet I only where a handful of them. I'm worried that its an unconscious fear that I'll gain back all the weight and will have to wear them again. That's no way to live.

I also need to apply that idea to all of my junk drawers. Its getting out of hand

chimes said...

I spent NYE driving in a snowstorm to the nearest grocery store for laxatives because my stomach doesn't travel well. I had SPLIT MY PANTS OPEN earlier that day because I hadn't ... um ... you know ... for FOUR FLIPPING DAYS.

happy freaking new year.

Gia said...

No but I AM jealous because I totally want a cat.

Megs said...

New Year's is fun and all, but this year we rang it in watching Spaced on Netflix. At some point I quit desperately trying to make New Year's awesome. At which point it became exponentially better.

terra said...

I'm such a hoarder too. I keep clothes I've had since high school just because I have fond memories of wearing them to some special occasion. In fact, I've still got most of the dresses I wore to various proms and homecoming dances. It's dumb. I'm such a sap.