Sunday, January 8, 2012

We're Nice.

1. Holy shit I am so behind on posting. Last Monday, as I totally neglected to share, I had a new post up for Orange Creamsicle Fudge over on Twenties Hacker. That shiz was goooood. So I need to get it out of my apartment as quickly as possible. Preferably not by eating it.

2. The Iowa caucuses were last Tuesday which I'm sure you heard all about but I'm not going to really talk about them other than YOU'RE WELCOME because Iowa shut down both Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann for y'all. So there's that.

But as you may well recall, my beloved state always gets a ton of attention every four years or so, some of it quite asinine (and I had started another post about it before I went on vacation so I'll post that soon too because I'm sure you totally don't even care anymore). Anyway here is an awesome response piece that was circulating on the facebook. Link is here in case I fuck up the embedding somehow.

PS - not only was the computer invented in Iowa, but at my alma mater of Iowa State University. Holla. (We also invented rice krispie bars. You're welcome.)

3. I don't really have a Point 3 but it felt like too short of a post to only have two things. So, FILLER FILLER FILLER HOORAY.


Megs said...

Thank you! Both for the rice krispie treats and the Bachmann thing.

Megs said...

Although it would have been nice if you could have gotten rid of the newt while you were eliminating obnoxious presidential candidates.

Way to drop the ball, there, Iowa.

ameena said...

It always makes me ridiculously happy when you defend Iowa. I mean, I've got nothing against Iowa. But as a constant defender of the Beehive State (Utah) I fully support this. Also, on behalf of a lot of people I like to thank you in your efforts on the war against Bachman...and Perry.