Monday, February 20, 2012

Hogging the Hedges, Part I

Look at this.

Ok, now look at this.

That string of images of a little baby hedgehog pretty much overdosed me on cute and I pinned it to Pinterest with some sort of shouty capslock OMG I NEED ONE sentiment, and... people commented that YOU CAN GET HEDGEHOGS AS PETS.

I about went all Kristen Bell at that point.

I've been kind of obsessed with them since then. (YES, WE KNOW, says everyone who follows me on Pinterest) I have done some preliminary research on hedgehogs (also known as "hedgies," which kept eliciting little  involuntary squeals of delight) as pets, which I will share in another post because I know that I've sparked the interest of a couple other people as well.

This post? I'm going to just fill up with pictures.

Sadly, I will probably have to put the idea of adopting a hedgie (squee!) on hold until I can move into a bigger place. But so help me, I AM going to have one someday. I shall call him Sir Hedgington. And I shall love him and squeeze him (metaphorically) and he shall be the subject of many a photo.

Also, apparently you can put them in things and they're totally chill about it. It's going to be the new Putting Clothes On My Cat. It's going to be awesome, y'all.

Best of all, apparently you can put hats on them.

NOTE: I'd credit the source of these images but they've been posted and reposted so many times over the Internet that I have no idea where they came from.

OTHER VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I had this written like a week ago and it got pre-empted by V-Day angst and now all of a sudden it's super relevant because my friend found one for sale on Craigslist and I am having A CRISIS because I want it sooo bad... I could probably make it work in this apartment, she'd just have to share my bedroom with me, but I'm kind of worried about how my cat will react. I mean, I plan to keep them separated, and the quills make the hedgie pretty cat-proof, but... I don't know if she'll freak out just KNOWING the hedgie is there, even if she can't see her or get to her. I've expressed interest to the seller, now.... I just need to figure out how this is all going to work. EEEEEK!


Meredith said...

Good luck on your hedgehog hunt! Just a short recommendation: make sure the Craigslist seller had regularly handled the hedgie they are selling.

If he just hung out in a cage all of the time without coming out, he'll be really nervous around people, and make spiky-puffy noises when you try to pick him up or play (or place him in barbie cars)

chimes said...

Ummmm if you get it and have a meltdown like that, film it.

Also, Kristen Bell is so freaking cute. I think Forgetting Sarah Marshall tainted my opinion of her because she was such a bitch in that movie. Although, that movie was totally worth watching because you get to see Jason Segal's junk ...

anyway. HEDGIEz!

Megs said...

I have wanted one of these for AGES. Ever since I saw them at the pet store and they were so cute. You need to get one so I can vicariously have a hedgehog.

That is all.

Except for this: are you sure buying a hedgehog from craigslist is the best place to obtain the hedgehog?

terra said...

And then I looked at all these pictures and melted into a puddle on the floor from all the excessive cute!