Monday, March 12, 2012

Paper'd. BiSC'd. Pants almost pee'd.

I woke up this morning with an unusual amount of text messages - mostly coming from Twitter. In my groggy, Daylight-Savings-Time-induced lack of functioning, I fumbled with my phone to see what the hell was going on.

It took me a minute to process what was happening, because it turns out... I WON THE FREE SPOT TO BLOGGERS IN SIN CITY.

Let me repeat that. I WON. THE FREE SPOT. I just... gah. I CANNOT PROCESS.

I can't even tell you how unbelievably excited (and relieved) I am. I'd already paid the fee, so I'd already kind of figured on that money being used for Vegas, and I was okay with that. But I'm getting $500 back in my pocket and my brain can't even process it. I could (and should) just shove it all in my savings account until May and use it IN Vegas. Or, I could finally FINALLY upgrade my phone and get the iPhone that I've finally dreamed of (and, of course, get the app that is paying for my registration fee - which, incidentally, launched today. More on that in a bit.) (I think maybe it's fate. I'm SUPPOSED to get an iPhone. Paper'd wants me to have an iPhone. The UNIVERSE wants me to have an iPhone.)

(I know, I know. I should use it for something responsible like student loan payments or paying down my credit cards... but this was earmarked as "fun money" from the get-go... so... I DON'T WANT TO, SO THERE.)

As always, I feel a bit guilty about my good fortune, because if I won, that means other people didn't, and I would have been absolutely thrilled for whoever would have won. The selfish side of me, of course, is glad it was me. (My hopeful optimist side also had a dream a week or two ago that I woke up to the news that I'd won... maybe I AM psychic after all?!)

Eeek! I'm refraining from bouncing up and down (made possibly by aforementioned lack of energy) but really, that's all I want to do. I had a great weekend and to wake up to that news was absolutely amazing. What's more, Skyy Vodka, one of our sponsors, is shipping out samples for us (last year, it was in our gift bag and I couldn't take it on the plane with me, so I reluctantly had to give mine away, though I know it found a good home with Simone). So if I get home and find a package of vodka waiting for me, too, I'm pretty much going to declare this the best day ever. EVER.

So, about Paper'd, while we're on the subject. I showed you a little bit of it when I was writing my shameless plug entry about BiSC and its awesomeness (here), but it's officially LIVE now. And it's free. Unless you want to upgrade to the fancy collections, in which case, it's cheap to do so. GET IT HERE.

And then tell all your friends. Because MY friends made this. Six degrees of separation, whatever. My friends = your friends. WE ARE ALL FRIENDS HERE. LET'S HAVE AN INTERNET SLUMBER PARTY.



Anyway, so, Paper'd.

[image yoinked from Nicole's blog - I'm sure she won't mind. I mean, I AM shamelessly pimping them, after all]

Also-also, Nicole and Jamie were featured on Mashable today (!!) with the launch of this app, and I absolutely wanted to burst with pride for them. (Also, you know - I felt cool because I KNOW INTERNET CELEBRITIES, WHAT?!).

I forget what I was saying. I'm still delirious.

I'm actually a little suspicious, though. Why are all these good things happening to me? This clearly means that something bad is going to happen, now, right? This is how my brain works.

Though maybe I should reframe it. A lot of bad shit has happened to me, so maybe this is just karma's way of apologizing?

I just don't trust it when all the good stuff starts happening. Like I don't feel like I deserve it or something. The self-hating part of my brain is having a really hard time getting on board with the happy part of my brain. God, I'm so fucked up.

Anyhizzle. A big big big big big thank you to Paper'd for not only sponsoring BiSC (aka the Greatest Weekend of My Life) but also for randomly choosing me to be their winner and to go for free. I just... eek! I can't even coherently express my gratitude.

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terra said...

When I saw it was you, far away in Paris, I did a happy dance. Congratulations!! I'm glad you won, lady!