Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here, Come Get Fat With Me

You know what I hate? Loose ends. Which is why it's driving me absolutely batty that I have roughly a bajillion drafts going (roughly) and open-ended projects (*cough*) and this and that and ALL THE UNDONE THINGS.

Also, I forgot to share a recipe. It was, like, my grand finale of Mint Month, and I FORGOT TO POST IT HERE. (I also forgot to post this recipe but it's much less exciting, and by much less exciting, I mean my result, while delicious, was extremely unphotogenic).

BEHOLD: Triple-Layer Fudge Mint Oreo Brownies.

(Yeah, and we wonder why I had to go back on Weight Watchers and make friends with Jillian. NO WE DON'T, JUST KIDDING, LOL.)

Anyway, what I was ORIGINALLY going to say, is that... expect a blitzkrieg of slightly-outdated information as I try to catch up with myself. WOO-HOO.

I was going to cram something completely unrelated to the end of this post just to cover some additional ground, but then decided against it. Into the drafts folder it shall go. Grr.


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Ohmygod that looks amazing. WHY AM I DIETING?!