Monday, May 7, 2012

Bloggers in the Wild

*Not to be confused with Bloggers Gone Wild, because that would be an entirely different post.

Ugh, this post is SO overdue that I kind of want to poke myself in the eye with a spoon. What actual purpose that would solve, I don't know.

Sooooo earlier this spring, I got to hang out with not ONE but TWO of my fellow Internet dwellers. Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with My People, which is why I'm going to basically be in Heaven when I find myself in Las Vegas in ten days (TEN! DAYS!) for Bloggers in Sin City (HOLY SHIT I NEED TO START PACKING OR AT LEAST MAKING COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF LISTS). It's going to be one part epic reunions with last year's returning #BiSCuits and one part epic new-friend-fest with all the newbies. Not only that, but airlines are ridiculous, so it was cheaper to come a day early and stay a day late - I'm sorry, extra quality time in Vegas for less money? SIGN ME RIGHT THE FUCK UP.

But, I digress.

Every January (and July) I find myself in the land o' peaches for the twice-a-year gift market/trade show held in the heart of downtown Atlanta. You know who lives in Atlanta? Jenn and Tiffany. Unfortunately (for me), Tiff was (ironically) in Vegas that week, but luckily Jenn was around and had time to hang out.

After pulling off a somewhat convincing performance of being a jet-setting businesswoman for a few days, I met up with Jenn and a couple of her (awesome) friends on my last night in town. We had the most amazing queso dip in the history of queso dips and I had some pretty stellar tacos too. Oh, yeah, and it was absolutely kick-ass to be able to hang out with Jenn again. I basically adore her, because she is basically awesome. I'm super sad that she won't be making it to BiSC again this year, but with any luck, I'll be back in the ATL this summer, and we can slo-mo frolic through a meadow for a reunion hug. Or, something.


Then, in February, as part of Treavor's plan for world domination to do one crazy awesome thing every month, he decided to take a solo road trip through the Midwest. I half-jokingly asked if Des Moines was on the itinerary (because, let's face it, nobody comes here to visit me, which makes me ALL OF THE SADS).

...and it was! Much chair-bouncing ensued. I suddenly felt an immense amount of pressure to put central Iowa's best foot forward to impress my future fellow #BiSCuit. Naturally, I was going to do this with food. I opted to introduce Treavor to Fong's Pizza, home of the crab rangoon pizza and the kamikaze crash helmets [see: my profile picture off to the side].

Treavor seemed appropriately enthused about said cuisine and even tweeted that Des Moines did not, in fact, suck. (I swear I didn't force him to say that.) (Though I maybe encouraged it.)

I don't remember what else I was going to say because I never finished this post and I should have done so, like, two months ago, but I didn't, sooooo... YAY BLOGGERS IRL! FTW! ACRONYMS! YAY!


Jenn said...

I loooove when you come into town! You better be here in July and try to stick around for a day or two and we can hang out and explore and go to the zoo and the aquarium and see all the aminals!

chimes said...

next time you go to Atlanta ... I want to go too! I have a bunch of Blends in Atlanta now. ;)

Kelly L said...

Unfortunately my trips to Atlanta are all dictated by work... but I would definitely not be opposed to taking an Actual Vacationy Trip down there sometime!

Tori said...

I'm sorry, did you say CRABBY POOF PIZZA? I am coming to vist IMMEDIATELY.

terra said...

Meeting up with bloggers throughout the year is one of my favorite things. I got to see Jayme and Megan from BiSC last year and it was awesome to catch up in a less Vegas-y environment.