Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm Freaking Out, Man.

I'm leaving for Vegas in two days and I am not packed. I started making a packing list, but I have no idea what to bring to wear because all of the cute things I've been stockpiling for Vegas since, well, last BiSC, likely do not fit anymore because I made the awesome life decision to go ahead and gain back twenty pounds. At this point, I'm not even sure what options are available. To add to my predicament, I am in great need of doing some laundry. As it stands, I currently only have two decent pairs of clean underwear that I can take with me. (Ironically, one is the pair that we got in our swag bags last year from Think Geek that have "I'm blogging this" printed across the front. So, I mean, I definitely need to bring those anyway, right?) I mean, I have more pairs that are clean. They're just falling apart and uncomfortable and the kind you only wear when it's time to do laundry. The situation has become dire. (I'm out of socks, too, but I think I can circumvent that by just wearing flats the whole time again.)

So, I'm not even remotely packed, though a preliminary list has been made... I'm behind on my Twenties Hacker columns because softball has TAKEN OVER MY LIFE (remember how I coach? Probably not unless you were hanging 'round these parts last summer, because I have not had time to talk about it yet, but anyway, I am coaching again. And also how I play slowpitch? Yeah, that's all in full swing right now. To make it even more special, I pulled my hamstring on Monday or Tuesday and by Friday evening, not only was that leg still in a degree of pain, but the other leg decided to join the party. But that didn't stop me, oh no. I am a trooper with a very keen sense of pride. I played two full games of softball with two pulled hamstrings. Let me tell you, that hurt like a motherfucker. I'm sure the faces I was making when I was running were priceless. Because I could get about halfway between bases before pain would shoot through my legs. I did it, though. I did it and even made it around the bases a couple times AND had some awesome hits. I could revel in the glory of these hits but you probably don't care. Except the one where I knocked down the pitcher from the other team. It wasn't even that spectacular of a hit, but it was hard enough and straight at him that he fell down. It was awesome. Also, remember how I started a parenthetical statement like six sentences ago? Here's the end!) So, anyway, I've been a busy little bee. Softball takes up a lot of nights, and I've hit the busy time at work right now, so I've been pulling some late nights there, and I'm trying to check some things off my to-do list that have been hanging over my head since forever, all while trying to keep my apartment from devolving to look like what I assume the inside of a frat house looks like.

And in two days, I am leaving for a week. A WEEK. That's, like, a year in Kelly time. I get twitchy just putting things on hold for a weekend... but a week? MENTAL SPASMS. THEY ARE HAPPENING.

I'm excited, don't get me wrong. Once I get to the airport and switch into vacation mode, I am going to be deliriously excited to be reunited with my BiSC alums, and to meet all the wonderful friends-to-be that I haven't met before. I am going to stalk down Katherine's gate at the airport since she arrives not long after I do, and I am going to tackle hug her, then we're going to stake out a place to catch up while we wait for some other ladies to arrive so we can carpool/taxipool/shuttlepool to the hotel. At that point, all will be well.

Until then, though... gah! I am going to be a giant stressball.

Speaking of stress (and balls?), about ten minutes ago I found a little bottle of aromatherapy lotion that's all "STRESS RELIEF!" in oversized letters, something that I had acquired somewhere down the line. I was all "sweet! My skin is in dire need of moisture and I could use some stress relief! Eucalyptus spearmint? sure, why not, mint is kind of a soothing scent..." and, long story short, I now smell like a man.

That's neither here nor there, I suppose, but I really thought you should know. You'll thank me someday if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament.

With that, SLEEP! And the countdown to Vegas begins in earnest...

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ameena said...

the thought of packing has me so stressed out i can't even. so i haven't. and i probably wont. until late wednesday night. at which point i will end up forgetting half of the things i need. (i'll never forget the guitar though)

but you know, vegas and tackle hugs are waiting on the other side. so everything will be okay.