Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Freebies While You Wait...

YOU GUYS. I... well, it's been a hell of a week. Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented or texted or gchatted or emailed me about my previous post. It basically made me cry over and over (in a good way) because I am a basket case now that I'm in my late 20's. (Yes. I said it. I've finally given up the pretense that I can get away with saying I'm in my mid-twenties. No longer gonna fly. Now I'm going to have tears, for other reasons). It was nice knowing that (a) I'm not alone in feeling like that and (b) people still seemed to like me anyway. I will respond to you all individually when I can find my words again, but in the meantime, HUGS.

Also, I've been itching to finish my Vegas recaps, but you know what has to happen first? The sorting and selecting of the pictures. Because Vegas recaps without pictures is just... well, it's blasphemous, is what it is. I'm actually getting stressed out about how long it's taking me to do, because OMG I LOVE DOING THEM, WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT..for... myself.


Also, I met the BF's parents this weekend. It went well, I think. I hope. They were very lovely and nice and I really really hope they liked me. Did I say that already? I'm still nervous and it was TWO DAYS AGO. I've never met the parents of a significant other before (which may have had a lot to do with, you know, being chronically single for the last *cough* number of years.) So, y'know. Things have been happening that have been distracting me from everything else. Including my baking column. (SORRY DONI!)

ANYWAY. ANYWAY. I was reading the recaps of people much more prompt than I, and it occurred to me that: PROMOTIONS! I have promotions and codes from a couple of the BiSC sponsors and HOLY SHIT THEY ARE GOING TO EXPIRE BEFORE I EVER GET AROUND TO WRITING ABOUT THEM so I am doing things ALL OUT OF ORDER and doing that... now.


One of our sponsors is a company called 4x6 that prints stuff. What stuff, you might ask? Oh, y'know. Postcards, business cards*, YOU NAME IT. They teamed up with Paper'd (youuuuuuuuu know, the super snazzy iPhone app that I am jealous of because I have a Blackberry that's so old it belongs in a museum, the app with beautiful and fun and awesome and pretty wallpapers. Also the one that sponsored YOURS TRULY to attend BiSC free of charge this year.)

*Such as the business cards that the Shatterboxx gals whipped up for us for our opening meet-and-greet mixer that of course you don't know about yet because I haven't told you about it yet. It was nifty. We were given a box of 60 cards - one for each attendee. We then had to find each person and give them their card back, so when we left, we each had a box of our own business cards. Neat, right? Because, well, all the icebreaker get-to-know-you games out there are awful and Queen Goddess Nicole, Grand Czarina of Las Vegas (as I shall now refer to her) will not allow us to have awfulness in our lives.

Photo stolen from another BiSCuit. I'm a picture klepto.
I don't remember who and I'm sorry.  Tell me if it's yours and I'll credit it. 
UPDATE: It's from Suki! Thanks Suki.

Where was I? Oh yes. They teamed up with Paper'd to give us some lovely 4x6 (ha! no pun intended, there) postcards that had awesome prints on one side and info about their biz on the other.

You know what else they had on one of them? A CODE. FOR FREE STUFF. FOR YOU. In this particular case, 20 free 4x4" prints on their super awesome satin finish stock. (yes. 4x4. Which feels like it should be a type because I've said 4x6 roughly a hundred times but - no. It's correct. They are squares. Cute, yes?) Guys. That's a $30 value. THIRTY DOLLARS. Or, y'know. NO DOLLARS. You pick.

You may or may not recall that I was a graphic design major, yes? You also may or may not recall know that the company I work for does commercial printing. Which means... I know paper, and I know printing. And this stuff is divine. The stock is nice and thick and the finish is luxurious. Yes, I said luxurious. (Or, to quote one of my fellow BiSCuits, Michelle: "I want to rub these cards all over my face cause they feel so freaking nice." Yes. That.)

So hop on over for your free cards. (I think you still have to pay shipping, though, which is usually par for the course). I think they even have some sort of design support available. Or you could hit me up. My feeble little freelance career hobby and what not. I would be happy to help you. (They also have a really sweet tutorial page that helps you adjust your files correctly. Or you can use their File Valet service. Whatever.)

Or, you could perhaps make some... Save the Date cards, if you're like my dear friend Ashley who JUST GOT ENGAGED!!! (That faint sound you hear is the echoes of all the squee-ing that went on when she told me.) Congrats, lady!!

Anyway. (I'm terrible at this, no wonder I will never be a professional blogger). Go to 4by6.com and enter promo code BISC4by6. Please note that this expires on June 2nd so you have a grand total of four days to use this. You're welcome.

SECOND... Actually, you know what? I'll save the other things for other posts as filler until I get my real posts ready. BRILLIANT.

So, go forth and printify. Tell them Kelly sent you. They won't care at all but at least I'll feel mildly important.

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