Saturday, June 30, 2012

Run, Kelly, Run!

Remember back in February when I signed up for the Color Run because it looked fucking awesome and I was like, I've been kind of wanting to get in shape and do a 5K and this one would be perfect? Perfect because YOU END UP BEING A GIANT RAINBOW at the end, but also because it's pretty chill. They don't even time you. A lot of people walk the whole thing. Which is good, because I started my Couch to 5K training a bit too late, thinking "it's a 6 week program, I have 4 weeks, maybe I can fake it." HA! Nope. It's a 9 week program, and I am stupid.

Fortunately, I had some sort of weird determination, and it always always helps to have a running buddy. It keeps me from giving up after two minutes. Because it's almost all mental, and my brain is a wuss. It also can't tell the difference between one minute and five minutes when it is being put through any sort of perceived excruciating activity. Running, for me, is excruciating. Because I am so out of shape, it's not funny.

The BF was kind enough to donate his time to me a couple times a week to jog with me and keep track of the stopwatch. My moment of glory was on June 24, when I jogged for fifteen minutes without stopping. My original plan for the day was to hit seven. At each minute mark, I was like, I can do this. Let's go another one. Until finally, I'd run almost half of the 5K trail. I walked for a bit and did a  4 minute then 3 minute then 2 minute then 1 minute interval taper after that, but that put me at 25 minutes of running for one session, which is more than I'd ever done before. I was so pleased with myself that I posted it on facebook. A whopping 68 people have liked that status. (That's more than when I changed my relationship status, even.) I was proud of myself. I'd made it from zero minutes to fifteen minutes over the course of five weeks. I know there are people that can run for hours without being even the slightest bit fazed by it, but for me, this was a lot.

I digress. The Color Run! I picked up a pair of bright blue shorts that are a bit longer than all my other shorts (to keep my thighs from chafing, as they are wont to do) on clearance at Target, some neon-striped knee-high socks also from Target, a couple disposable cameras (you know, to protect my trusty hot pink camera from all of the floating color dust in the air), and my super sweet shades from my BiSC gift bag (which I haven't even told you about yet, but you'll see what I mean). And, of course, a white t-shirt, as per the only official Color Run rule (you must start with a white tshirt). I was all set.

The closest ones to us initially were Chicago, Minneapolis, and Kansas City. Chicago was supersoon after Las Vegas, so that was out. Minneapolis landed the same weekend that I'm normally in Atlanta for work, so that one was out. Kansas City... well, it was right at the end of June/beginning of July, which meant it was going to be HOT, but it was reasonably close by and dammit, it was too awesome to pass up. Registration filled FAST, and my sister couldn't get into the Saturday race, so when they opened the Sunday wave, we all moved over to that one. 

I've been getting emails and I've alternated between super excited and super anxious. Yes, I know, it's a laid back event. But I've never done it before, and new things tend to cause me to fret. I'm a worrier, it's in my nature.

Then we got an email on Friday morning that they were moving the race start time up to 7:30 am due to the current heat wave that's got it's nasty arms wrapped around the Midwest. SEVEN FUCKING THIRTY. Which means we were going to have to pick our race packets up at 6am. GUYS. I have built my entire life around not getting up early. I voluntarily work later than normal people do every single night, so I don't have to come in so early. I am not a morning person. This worries me.

But, alas. I will do my very best. My goal is to run as much as I can, though it will probably be something like 10 minutes running, a few minutes of walking, 5 minutes running, and so on and so forth until the finish line. I know Calee will be running the whole thing because she's actually, y'know, a runner, but I think my sister will be, erm, intervalling it with me.

I also forgot to tell you the best part!

They added an event in Iowa! And it's not until October! Which means (a) I have plenty of time to ACTUALLY train for it and (b) it won't be hot as the depths of hell that weekend.

Anywhatsit. At the current moment, I'm probably in a vehicle down to KC, and I shall report back after the race is over. Hopefully, with lots of awesome pictures. Because, sometimes, that's motivation in and of itself.

Hi, my name is Kelly, and I'm a photo addict.

Also, I'm about to attempt my first 5K. WISH ME LUCK. Mostly that I don't get heat stroke and pass out. That would be unfortunate and also not fun. I would prefer this to be fun.

New life motto, everyone. "I would prefer this to be fun." Apply that to every single thing you do, ever. You're welcome.


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You're awesome! I'm sad I didn't get to do it wit you guys this year, boo!