Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Las Vegas, the Sequel: Day 1 (Thursday)

I missed the majority of the first official day of BiSC last year, what with being stranded in airports and what not, so it was really awesome for me to already be there and ready to jump in to the excitement. We checked out of our original room around 11 or so, and had a bit of a wait until we could check into our “real” rooms for the weekend. After some chaos and confusion (and some breakfast!), we finally found the elusive Conference Suite A (note to self for next year: use the lobby elevators, go to the 4th floor, turn left, it’s the first door on the right.)

 Breakfast with Terra, Caryn, Stacey, and Adam.
I am the master of the group Myspace shot.

Officially official.

Inside, Nicole, Doni, and Rachael (otherwise known as the brains of the operation) were doing something official-looking on their various computers, and the room was filled with gift bags and luggage.

 Swag! Swag as far as the eye can see!

As the day went on, more BiSCuits arrived. Some stuck around to hang out, some went to the pool, some went shopping, some went drinking.

I myself went in search of another sequin fedora.

Last year, I had waited until the final day and pulled the trigger on that purchase right before the farewell brunch. Not this year. I wanted to WEAR the fedora around Vegas. So I grabbed the other Kelly (who has a blog name that I'm totally jealous of) and meandered into the same shop and it took me a while to locate the majority of the fedoras. I found the aqua flowered one that I had tried on last year, and was all set to purchase it (for $40, ugh) when I found the display of the FULL SEQUIN hats. In addition to the style of the one that I bought last year (incidentally, there was NO hot pink – so I’m glad I bought that one when I did), which were available in red, gold, silver, and one stray light blue one, there were some NEW stripey ones, which caught my eye. They were only $15 and way fun. So naturally I bought the blue one. I mean, it’s kind of my signature color, yes?

Not shown: the fedora I actually purchased.

At some point I think I also went off in search of a sandwich. I don’t really remember.

At another point, Jenn skyped in and said hello, since she wasn't able to make it this year

Hi Jenn!

I hung out in the registration suite until it was time for us to check into our rooms. I could tell already that we had a great group of people and we already all felt like friends. Which was, of course, awesome.

In the NEVERENDING check-in line

I suspect that I checked into the room and promptly took a nap. I’m a bit fuzzy on the timeline. Maybe I took a shower. I don't know. Either way, I was in the room for a bit and then the fabulous Ms. Almie Rose arrived (yay!) and we plowed through our gift bags (detailed post coming soon) and then started getting ready for the opening mixer, which was being held downstairs at the newest addition to the Flamingo, a Mexican place called Carlos N' Charlie’s

 Uh, P.S.? This was our room. Be jealous.
There are also TVs built into the bathroom mirrors.

 And our view. Not too shabby.

We had a special section on the patio just for us, and I felt like we had a LOT more space than we did last year. The appetizers they had for us were amazing – superb quesadillas, and this amazing bacon-wrapped BBQ shrimp something or other. The blended margaritas were delish – I had about three of the passion fruit ones before I cut myself off. When you can’t taste the alcohol is when you know you’re probably going to get into trouble.

Mingling on the patio.

The annual Sharpie tattooing of the Twitter handles on the arms.

 Me and Almie

Me and Amber

 Tara and I have the same camera. It's nifty.

 The dancing. Oh, the dancing. It was everywhere!

Me and Treavor

We then played (is played the right word?) probably the best icebreaker in the history of icebreakers, which doesn’t take much because I LOATHE icebreaker games. The hardest part about being a team leader for the three day orientation for freshman the week before classes started, was pretending to be enthusiastic about the icebreakers that were forced upon the entire group. Wretched, wretched misery.

I digress.

Due to some magical partnership between Shatterboxx and 4x6 (you’ll recall they were giving away sets of 20 of their super sexy square satin printed cards – I honestly don’t know if that code will still work or not, so if you’re still interested, I suppose you could give it a try), each attendee was given a box of business cards. The twist was that your box contained one business card for each attendee. The goal was to return each card to their rightful owners, so by the end of the game, each person would leave with 60 shiny new cards of their very own to hand out to whomever. I’m hypercompetitive and raced through mine, though I don’t think I was the first person done. I had to be second or third, though. Nicole gave me a hug for finishing quickly, anyway. I love hugs.

 The Ashleys!

The Kellys!

After the mixer, it was off to Serendipity 3, which was conveniently located right across the street (which is not so convenient to get to – you have to go down the sidewalk about a block, up an escalator, across the bridge, and down another escalator).

But first, a picture with Donny Osmond.

Riding the escalator to get across the street.

 Night shot of the Flamingo

Serendipity 3 is home of the magical frozen hot chocolate, and when I found out that they were doing a private dessert tasting for us, I almost peed my pants.

Germana, myself, Almie, and Simone, with the frozen hot chocolate shooters. 
All I wanted was a full-sized one. Or maybe a vat.

They had a sundae bar set up for us as well as our own private bartender, who was mixing some specialty drinks. I think mine was an apple amaretto sour or something akin to that. It was good, but I quickly discovered that I was PARCHED and needed WATER immediately. I flagged down two different waiters because I didn’t think I’d ever see another waiter again ever, so I ended up with two waters eventually (I gave one to Almie, who was similarly dehydrated). The one waiter found me easily in the crow and told me that he recognized me because of my eyes. It was equally creepy and flattering.

 At the private bar.

 Ameena shows off the dessert selection.

At some point, my body had suddenly decided it had had enough of all the bodyshaping spandex I was wearing and demanded I return home and remove it all post-haste. I wasn’t in much of a mood to protest, because I was still roaming on Midwestern time, and I was tired. A few of us ducked out and headed back to the Flamingo (aka HOME) and I don’t remember if anything else happened that night because I promptly passed the hell out.


germana said...

I probably should not have read this post before lunch. I'm seriously contemplating booking a flight and going to Serendipity 3 for a frozen hot chocolate.

christa said...

this looks so amazing. brings back awesome memories - except looks like on steroids!! love it.

chimes said...

too much stuff to take in right now! I just had to comment and say that green shirt looks fantabulous on you.

terra said...

Nicole said that next year Serendipity might do a whole dinner for us and that just sounds like the most magical thing of all. And those frozen hot chocolates - SO GOOD!

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Tori said...

Excuse me, but did you say FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE??