Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Las Vegas, the Sequel: Day 2 (Friday)

Friday is Pool Day. I think that’s basically tradition at this point, and probably nonnegotiable for the rest of BiSC and eternity.

I, however, do not do The Pool.

I might do The Pool, if I were to drop fifty pounds and/or find a swimsuit that didn’t make me want to cry, but until that day comes, I will not do The Pool. Instead, I will sleep in (it IS vacation, after all!) and then wear too many clothes and go down into the hot desert heat and say hello to everyone and perhaps cash in on my free poolside drink and enjoy the merriment and then go off in search of other adventures.

  View of the pool, of which I do not do.

Before I left our VIP area by the pool (oh, that’s right – we have a section all to ourselves, right next to a bar, no less), I did manage to be around for a few rousing rounds of Never Have I Ever, in which I discovered that I’m actually quite boring (one of the few things I was actually able to say that I did? Visit the state of Georgia.)  

I had a mission in mind, to wander down the strip in search of one of the hotels my BF had worked on during his internship (he’s an engineer) – he’s never been to Vegas, nor does he have any desire to GO to Vegas, so he’s never seen it in person. So I figured that I could use my free afternoon to go exploring and take some pictures for him, meanwhile checking out some of the other hotels down the strip as well. (I'm not sure if there are confidentiality rules in place so I'm not going to tell you which one.)

The thing about the hotels in Las Vegas? They each have their very own distinct personality. Even if you’re not staying at one, you can still wander in and check it out, maybe try your luck at their casino, or eat at their buffet (almost all restaurants have buffets) (if not, they should), or, um, borrow their air conditioning for a while.

Germana was also interested in visiting some of the other hotels and seeing what there was to see. But first – she decided she needed a fedora.

Because everyone needs a sequin fedora. Duh.

She acquired a purple version that matched my blue one, and so we set off down the strip in the blazing heat.

 And Donny Osmond. Natch.

Only once, did we have a near-tragedy: her fedora blew off her head and down the sidewalk a ways.

Fortunately, she was able to rescue it before it got too far gone OR someone realized that a sequin fedora was coming right at them, and they should probably steal it.

We went past the Venetian (WE ARE SO DOING GONDOLA RIDES NEXT YEAR, GUYS) and the Palazzo and as far as the Wynn/Encore. The Wynn and the Encore are fancy as shit, and very decorative on the inside. We decided to take the inside connecting path between the two and ended up making a pit stop at the fanciest bathroom ever (THERE ARE RHINESTONES IN THE BATHROOM MIRRORS) and then decided to turn around and head back to home base. Because it was hot and we wanted showers or naps or both.

 Romantic shot outside the Venetian.
With David Spade photobombing us in the background.


I’m probably missing several exciting elements to this story, but let’s face it, I’m exactly two months late on getting all of this written and posted, so things might be a bit hazy. 

There was probably a nap in there. I'm not gonna lie. I'm a big fan of naps. But then there was grooming and gathering of BiSCuits in the lobby because: FOOD.

Germana, Almie, me

Not "BobCat." Though that would be awesome.

Aaaaand Adam with the photobomb.

Dinner that night was at the buffet at the Paris hotel. One nice thing about this year versus the last, was that a lot more meals were included in the price, which was one less thing to have to worry about. Buffets are amazing, but they're kind of expensive in Vegas (at least compared to where I live) so being able to just waltz in as part of BiSC was pretty amazing.

The fun thing about traveling in a pack of 60ish people is that you tend to take over your immediate vicinity. And one of my favorite things is an escalator full of BiSCuits.

 The BiSCalator™

 Germana is SUPER EXCITED for the buffet.
Man, I wish I was at a buffet RIGHT NOW.

I’d never been inside the Paris hotel – well, okay, not true, the chocolate tasting thing we went to last year was technically inside the Paris, but we didn’t really venture beyond that.  

 Linda and Treavor are excited to be in Paris. Errr... at Paris.

The interior is decorated to look like the streets of Paris – I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was very detailed and it felt like we'd actually left Las Vegas for a little while. Maybe not to go to the actual Paris, but something resembling a nice French village, or something. I don't know. I've never been to France.

Not, however, as much as I enjoyed the actual buffet.

 Yes. This is part of the buffet. The "building" on the right? is where the dessert lives.

Me and Katherine

 I don't even remember what this was about.
I just love this picture.

Girls with curls. Also, Meghan, your blog link is broken for me. FIX IT.

Then we were off on a trek down the strip in the OTHER direction to head to New York New York for that evening’s entertainment: Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. Which, if you’re not familiar, is basically their sex-on-stage show. I saw a lot of boobs that night, you guys. The acrobatics were impressive – the girl with the hula hoops impressed me the most, if I’m remembering correctly, because at one point she was hanging from the air and had hoops around every appendage that she owned. She was probably topless too. I don’t remember.

 Show poster from the Zumanity website

The show was great, but I have to admit – I liked last year’s better. They were both high quality and had great acts, but I think Absinthe has ruined me for all other shows, ever.

(Fun fact? I was at a wedding this past weekend and one of the bridesmaids came up to me and had apparently been stalking my facebook pictures, which inspired her and her husband to go to Absinthe when they were in Vegas last summer, and she absolutely loved it and wanted to make sure she said thank you.)

Alas, I have no pictures for you this year, because pictures were NOT allowed, but if you like sexy shows and Absinthe is sold out, this is definitely worth checking out. 

From here, we hiked back down the strip to our hotel – well, some of us did. A large contingent went out dancing and, from all accounts, had a fantabulous time. I am old and boring and went back and fell asleep. I know, I know. I will go revel in my shame for my lameness. As usual.

Here, have a picture of the strip at night, to make up for it. Also, sorry for phoning it in today, this was a crappy recap but I've had a stressful day and this is the best I can do. Sigh.


germana said...

I love your buffet hair!

Steph A said...

Germana beat me to it—your hair looks fab! I love your big dark glossy pincurl-like waves. SO PRETTY!

michelle said...

"biscalator"! i love this :) they should actually have those everywhere - for biscuit vips only ;)

caryn said...

BISCalator - BEST! The biscuits take over the biscalator. Trademark that shit.

Kelly L said...

@Caryn - totally updated it. CLAIMING IT.

@Michelle - yes. they should.

@Germana/@Steph - aww thanks ladies! I should post about my fancy curling iron that makes them possible.

ameena said...

"biscalator" about killed me dead i laughed so hard.

terra said...

The BiSCalator™?!?! BEST EVER!!

Also, you should just come to the pool. It's so fun and one of the best times to get to know people and I miss you every time you're not there. <3