Monday, July 16, 2012

Las Vegas, the Sequel: Day T-Minus-1 (Pre-BiSC Wednesday)

Don't you think it's high time I posted about BiSC and Vegas? I thought so too...

It turns out that if you fly on Wednesday and Monday rather than Thursday and Sunday, you save a significant amount of money. Even with the additional hotel nights, it was cheaper. You can probably imagine the level of arm-twisting that went on when I discovered this. Stay two more nights? More time with my loves? OH ALL RIGHT, IF YOU INSIST.

The added bonus to this is that it drastically cut down on another episode of airline drama, and it guaranteed I wouldn’t miss the first chunk of the opening mixer this year, unless I happened to, like, fall asleep in my room or something. (You’ll be glad to know, I did not. I mean, I probably did, because I took lots of naps this week, but I made it to everything, and remarkably on time. And by on time, I mean only 5-10 minutes late. You know how I roll.)

We’ve been promised that Southwest is coming to the Des Moines International Airport* but I am not sure when, so for this year at least, I’m still stuck on whatever random airline offers me the best rates. My flight arrived a few minutes late, and Katherine’s arrived a few minutes early, so after I gathered my bag (which Frontier so kindly checked for free for me, since they didn’t have room for it ON the plane), I stalked her baggage claim carousel and snuck up behind her and just stood there until she noticed me. Which really didn’t take all that long, and then she shrieked, and we made a slight scene with all the hugging and all the squee-ing and all the happy. 

*yes. I think the UPS planes fly to Canada or something, so it’s totally legit.

We then decided to find a central-ish location to wait for the next BiSCuits as they were en route to the baggage claim area as well. We decided we needed to make a sign like all of the limo drivers. I had a little notepad and a pen, and thus, the most ridiculous of signs was born.

We asked a couple of the drivers if we could take a picture of me standing awkwardly next to them, with their iPads and fancy printed papers, about which they were most accommodating (though one guy put his iPad up in front of his face, because he knew it would probably land on facebook. Of which, he was correct.) One of them even gave me a Sharpie to make a better sign. Then I shook their hands and the one guy kissed the top of it and it was all very fabulous.

Then we found the adorable and hilarious Brandy who almost forgot to go pick up her luggage in all of our reunion excitement. I got a text from Caryn, who wasn’t far behind. 

There was much giddiness and discussion of Spanx and the less-spanxy Target-brand spanx (less spanxy = more breathy) and lord knows what else, before we decided the other girls we were waiting for had probably all grabbed a cab already, so we made our way into the heat of the desert and hopped on a shuttle.

Caryn and I ended up on the same shuttle, where the driver proceeded to remind us NOT to jaywalk because not only was it illegal, but 16 pedestrians had been killed so far this year by traffic. He also announced that we'd be stopping at The Flamingo first, and Caryn and I let out little excited shrikes, and got the stinkeye from everyone else.

That first night was filled with 2-for-1 martinis at one of the hotel bars, and introductions, and hugs. Lots of hugs. The best kind of hugs. It was either an (a) I MISSED YOU OMG hug or (b) IT’S SO NICE TO MEET YOU OMG hug. Either way = awesome. 

Then: the sleeping. Because OMG traveling is exhausting. I was so proud of myself to have made it to 10:50 because that was 12:50am Iowa time, which was way past my normal bedtime. Then about twenty minutes later, I was pretty much done. BUT! I made it past 1am (well, sorta. 1am on my internal clock, anyway.) I’m actually quite proud of myself over how late I managed to stay up all weekend, as I clutched the last remnants of my youth. (Yes, I’m only 27. But I’m so done with the excessive drinking and staying up late thing – my body just can’t handle it anymore.) 

So in my exhausted stupor, I made my way back to the room, and in an effort not to wake up Jayme, who had an early morning photo shoot with Rachel, I went for the lamp in the far corner of the room. I finally figured out that it wasn’t plugged in, so using my Blackberry* to guide me, I plugged it in and turned it on.

I expected a slight delay, because it was a CFL bulb, but… I did not expect the popping noise that followed that turned out to be sparks, that soon turned into an ALL OUT FIRE. Yes, that’s right. THE LIGHTBULB CAUGHT ON FIRE. It was completely engulfed in flames.

I just stared at it in horror. What the hell do you do in a situation like this? My brain was all, “do I find a fire extinguisher? Do I take a picture? WHAT DO I DO?!”  (Later, Brad’s answer: “Stop, drop, and roll.” “But it wasn’t ME that was on fire.” “Doesn’t matter. Stop. Drop. And roll.”) I tried to blow on it but that seemed to make it angry, so I just continued to stare at it until it burned itself out. (Basically, I put it out WITH MY MIND.) I then called the front desk (as seemed like the next appropriate course of action) and was all, “my lamp just caught on fire” and they were all, “okay, we’ll send someone right up” which they totally DIDN’T, unless the person came and saw Jayme and I sleeping and decided to come back later and thus not scare the everloving shit out of us both. (Though the lamp was gone when we came back from breakfast.) The room then smelled like burnt plastic for the remainder of the night and into the morning. 

It was... unpleasant.

So yeah. There was FIRE. Which may or may not mean the Vegas trip was off to a good start, I don’t really know. 

Terra and Stacey showed up somewhere in the middle of the night (okay, it was probably not long after I went to bed, but same thing) and Caryn ended up crashing with the super-awesome Fry sibs Sara and Adam across the hall, because despite her being from the same time zone I am, she is way more of a bad-ass. 

*I think I was the only one without an iPhone. That needs to change soon. My phone is so old I can’t even get a functional Twitter app anymore. It was torture. Granted, the overall network in Vegas was terrible for everyone, so I wasn’t the only one who suffered. Yes, first world problems.

Tomorrow: first official day of BiSC. Cue: rampant excitement.


Caryn said...

I love that you are writing about this again. It is pretty much just what I need to read right now! :)

In truth, I crashed across the hall because I didn't want to wake all four of you up out of your slumber, but I like your version of me being a bad ass better.

Mindy said...

Figures your first (or 2nd?) thought in a fire is to grab your camera! ;) (Though I am rather disappoined there are no mid-flame photos..)

terra said...

The Lamp Fire of BiSC 2012 is something I will always remember hearing about. It's just so damn ridiculous and I can't understand why they didn't IMMEDIATELY send someone to take care of the situation because what if we all died in the night from a fire?