Monday, July 23, 2012

Las Vegas, The Sequel: Part 3A (Saturday, Part I)

Saturday was the day when All The Things happened, and rather than TL;DR you all to the tears of boredom, I am splitting it into two parts. This makes my OCD senses tingle, but let's face it: I'm already two months behind and my streak of daily posting is already broken.

Saturday began the way all good Saturdays do: with brunch. This particular brunch was sponsored by CrushHub, a new online dating platform. It's not really a site, per se, because it functions through facebook. (Us BiSCuits were the beta testing group, and being anal retentive and obsessed with having sites function in the way that I think they should for an intuitive user experience, I feedbacked the shit out of it and won some cash moneys - which, of course, are paying for BiSC 2013.) Chris, founder and CEO (and fellow victiom of familial nagging to settle down, already) brought us some t-shirts and a live-action demo to explain how it works.

Here's what sets CrushHub apart from Match/eHarmony/OkCupid/etc/etc/etc: your friends play matchmaker to find you dates.

It's not as bad as you think (if you are, in fact, thinking that, because you may or may not have had horrible experiences with your friends trying to hook you up). You or your friends set you up a game (for lack of a better word) and fill out a little bit about you and why you're awesome and maybe what you're looking for. Then, whichever friends that have been invited to participate (or friends of friends that have been brought in, to expand the pool a little bit). This collection of matchmakers then offer up potential suitors based on their own circle of facebook friends. (Last I knew, some of the search and filter functions, such as sorting by geographic location and/or relationship status, were a bit wonky and had some kinks to be worked out, but as I suspected, this has largely to do with facebook's privacy settings. They're also working on a way to expand the image viewing beyond just a thumbnail of the person's profile picture, because it's really unhelpful if it's a picture of their cat and/or they're with someone else in the photo and the person you're trying to set them up with has no idea which one is the person in question.) The thing that concerned me (and my concerns were put to rest) is that the people you are matching (and the general public) can't SEE any of it - it's private, unless you specifically choose to notify the person you're offering up as a potential match. You can then fill out a bio/testimonial about the person you are suggesting as to why they are awesome and/or should be considered as a dating possibility, and at some point, the matchee goes through all of his/her suggested matches and picks the one they think they'd actually like to go out with. From there, well... I guess you ask for an introduction from the mutual friend that set you up? I'm a bit fuzzy on how that works.

For our live demo, we were given pads of paper that had face templates on them and a bio for the lovely Miss Amber and tasked with coming up with her soulmate. (We verified that we were not allowed to just make up the perfect dream-man, and that it had to be based in reality and someone that actually existed.) Each table was to present a potential match and Amber would pick her favorite - and if logistics worked out, CrushHub would pay for the actual date.

 So many choices!


That wasn't the only draw - whichever table suggested the winning gentleman won cash. The person who suggested the winning man would win $100 (cash!) and the rest of their table-mates would each snag $20. The winner was the always-lucky Meghan, with her brilliant suggestion of Johnny the Costa Rican Surf Instructor, because: obviously. 

Outside of the excitement of being privy to the Next Big Thing, there was the excitement of brunch. Guys, no city does brunches like Las Vegas does. I encourage you to eat as many brunch buffets as you can handle, if you ever find yourself in Sin City. The only sin I committed (besides sloth) was gluttony. Sheer, blissful gluttony. I'm not even sorry. (Well, okay, a little. I DO like it when my clothes fit, after all.)
Fedoras + Brunches = two thumbs up

Somewhere, a rogue crawfish appeared (and by somewhere, I mean that Suki acquired him from the seafood portion of the buffet) and I was both horrified and amused by it, and promptly decided that my table clearly had to have one too. I snagged one on my next trip through the buffet.
Fun times ensued.
 I got brave enough to pick it up. It all went downhill from there.
[photo courtesy of Suki]

Terra took this while I was explaining to Amber how creepy it was and yet how awesome.

 Tiffany terrorized Nick with the crawfish for quite a while.

Everyone loves bacon. Even crustaceans.

Fun fact: Almie is legitimately terrified of crawfish.

Even the crawfishes found love at the CrushHub brunch.

It's worth noting, I suppose, that I bought that shirt for $6 off the clearance rack at the hotel gift shop (aka "the Donny and Marie store") for the sole reason that it matched my fedora. It was a size too small but I tried not to let it bother me, though I was super self-conscious all day and I may not ever wear it again.

After we disbanded from brunch, a small but determined contingent of us set off to complete a mission to visit the famous LAS VEGAS SIGN (!!!!!). I was obnoxiously persistent about this all morning (and probably the day prior - SORRY GUYS) but fortunately it's one of those touristy things that, yeah, okay, other people did kinda want to do too. (whew). Ameena, living in the neighboring state of Utah, had driven her car to Vegas, so we piled in and set off for the end of the strip.

As everyone tells you, the sign is a lot smaller than you'd expect. (Though, I was now expecting it to be small, so I guess it was exactly what I thought it would be?) It was surprisingly uncrowded when we got there, and there was a tour-guide-type person manning the "entrance" that was directing traffic (so to speak) to make sure everyone got a turn. She also served as the default picture-taker because obviously you want a group picture when you go to something like this. (I swear, everyone in Las Vegas works on tips. I legitimately wonder how much one can make in such an occupation, and/or wandering the strip in a costume as a walking photo-op for tourists.)

Totally worth the jaunt, and I can now cross it off my Vegas bucket list. (Yet to do: fountain picture! Also, I need to actually sit down and write an actual list.)

Satisfied that we'd gotten all the pictures we needed (and some we didn't - Suki, I am eternally grateful that you did not post the jumping picture you took of me), we piled back into Ameena's car in search of our next adventure, which had damn well better have some air conditioning.



chimes said...

that thing is disgusting. i can't believe he lived on the seafood bar.

terra said...

I hope that someone always manages to find a crawfish and that we always do ridiculous things with it. It wouldn't be BiSC without the little dudes.