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Las Vegas, The Sequel: Sponsors & Swag

So, as I may have alluded to many, many, many, MANY times, we got some pretty sweet swag at BiSC this year. I mean, we got some cool stuff last year, too, but I already don’t remember it, probably because I was really traumatized about having to give away my full-sized bottle of SKYY dragonfruit-infused vodka. I mean, sure, they sent me another full bottle this year, but it was coconut-infused, and I would have much rather had the dragonfruit, because dragonfruit > coconut. I’m fickle.

Anyway, we had a motherload of awesome sponsors and unpacking the gift bag was kind of like Christmas. Except some of the things that were in that bag were soooo not things I’d receive on Christmas. Heh.

There are a few ways to open a bag that is teeming with goodies. You can, like me, meticulously unpack everything and arrange it neatly in order to take a picture...

...or you can take Almie's approach, and dump out all the content and swim around in the glorious wonderfulness of it all, basking in our amazing VIP status and all of the free stuff.

"I could not be more pleased with what is happening right now."

Also? We got some sweet t-shirts this year. I loved the design and branding for this BiSC, because I am a design nerd and it made me happy.

Obviously, some of these items were more useful to me than others, at least for the immediate weekend ahead.

For example, the Patrick’s Sunscreen Wipes – I threw one in my bag the next day when we went down to visit the pool-dwellers. I felt my dainty fair skin begin to sizzle, and before I could muster up a good panic, I remembered I had the sunscreen wipe, and thought I’d give it a try.

I had zero sunburn that day. I had my skepticism, just like I have a skepticism for the kind that you spray on and anything that seems easier than it should. But nope. My pasty skin remained pasty and I remained in happily unburned all weekend. I keep meaning to order some but I’m cheap and forgetful and neither of those is a terribly great combination.
We also received some pretty sweet shades from Livefyre, which is kind of a nifty blog commenting service, except it’s not nifty enough to be available on Blogger yet, so I can’t use it. But it’s nice because you can tag other people in your comments so you know when someone’s talking to you or responding to you. I need to do SOMETHING about my commenting section, I know. It’s crappy and I need a way to actually make it so we can have conversations. I’M WORKING ON IT. In the meantime, if you’re interested in Livefyre, it’s what’s being used on the official Bloggers in Sin City website.

Another notable item was the GIANT GUMMY BEAR ON A STICK from Fred Flare, who has recently been tempting my wallet with all of the fun and amusing things that are now being sold at Target, which is basically my mothership. EVIL CONSPIRATORS. Anyway, I managed to save my giant gummy bear on a stick until I got home, and only recently decided to gnaw on. Mine was green apple flavored. Though it doesn’t matter because it’s a GIANT GUMMY BEAR ON A STICK. At one point I bit its nose off and my boyfriend accused me of smoking bath salts.

SKYY also gave us little mini vodka bottles, which were much easier to get home because they were under the 3oz mark and thus I could stick them in my toiletry bag. WIN.

I think they were intended to be mixed with the VitaCoco Coconut Water, but that kind of made me a bit ill last year, because I am a delicate flower and it did not agree with me, so I gave mine to Almie.

Speaking of water AND delicate flowers… the Balance waters we got were probably one of my favorites. Because there is much thirst to be had in the middle of the desert, and thus it was nice to have some water handy that didn’t cost eleventy billion dollars. Also, it’s fancy water, in that it’s formulated to DO stuff. I got a relaxtation/sleep one and a travel one. They basically use the essence of flowers to make them do good things for your body, look, I don’t know, I didn’t bring the bottles home and my memory is getting fuzzy. I do remember being concerned that one of the ingredients listed was “grey spider.” Then I realized it was also a flower, and not a crushed-up bug. That was a bit of a relief.

More foodstuffs included some glorious caramels from Le BonGarcon, which were gone in approximately seven minutes (more than five, less than ten… I was trying to restrain myself, but I failed - they were SO GOOD), a box of SnackleMouth crunchy awesome goodness, and a Bella bar that was pretty good and an Athena Greek Yogurt Blueberry bar that was amazing.

There was also a jar of salted caramel sauce from ZConfections. A full-sized jar. Be still, my heart.

Of course, in order to get it home, I had to ship it, since I don’t check my bags because I am a cheap bastard. Terra and Stacey were also doing carry-on only, so when I saw that they had left their jars behind on Monday, I quickly adopted them and shipped them all back to me. It’s good stuff.

Notably missing were the PopChips, which got held up due to a shipping error. I actually think that worked out for the best, because Nicole just set out the boxes of them at the farewell brunch and we could take whatever we pleased. Which means I got to try ALL THE FLAVORS.

We could have gotten away with it. No one was watching. Right, Germana?

And OF COURSE in what I hope is tradition because it’s happened twice now, there was a cookie from Bitter Baking Company that had the BiSC logo printed on it. Hell, it could have had anything printed on it. It was the first casualty of the gift bag. I ate it as soon as I was satisfied that I had a good-enough picture of everything.

There were a lot of smaller things that I was concerned about losing – a discount on StrateJoy sessions, on Doniree’s writing prompts for bloggers, a promo code for some nifty cards from 4x6 (which I blogged about early, so that you all could take advantage of it before it expired), a gift card to Scout Books, and a $40(!) gift card from GelaSkins. I’m torn on what to order, because I don’t have an iPhone (yet?) and I’m not sure how I feel about laptop skins. OH, THE DECISIONS. (I’ve been pinning my favorites… BUT you can also do completely custom ones, which completely makes me all the more indecisive. Behold, Jenn/"Jennbizzle", with a BiSC cover!)

Also, on the same super sexy satin finish paper that the ice breaker cards were printed on, were some beautifully designed cards (done by Shatterboxx/Paper’d), which I simultaneously wanted to sit and pet for an hour and also put in frames because they’re fancy and awesome.

Katherine made some sweet BiSC glitter magnets (because she’s in the business of glitter, after all!) and Simone provided some Skinny-Dip branded condoms, because what is a sex blogger without her own personal line of condoms? There was an awesome pen that I almost broke last week (I saved it! Whew!) and a lip gloss that came in handy a few times that weekend… hell, I don’t remember what else. Bacon Soap! There was bacon soap from Think Geek. I gave it to the BF. It’s now sitting on a shelf, for display purposes only, because, well… it smells exactly like bacon. And while you THINK you might like to smell like bacon... you don't want to smell like bacon. There were postcards and temporary tattoos and drink mixes and teas and ring pops and all sorts of things. Amazing things. Things that delighted and amused me and made me write another ridiculously long post full of praisey words and squee-full exclamations.

I loves me some free stuff.

I love it more when it’s actually stuff I want or can use. Or that's just simply awesome in its awesomeness. And with BiSC, there is never a shortage of awesomeness.

[and, of course, thank you to our non-gift bag sponsors - Shatterboxx and Paper'd for being the presenting sponsors - AND for selecting me for the FREE REGISTRATION YAY - and for Caesar's Entertainment and The Flamingo for taking such good care of us all weekend. That place is truly my home away from home when I'm in Vegas, and I cannot imagine staying anywhere else. Thanks to Carlos N' Charlie's for hosting our opening night mixer and to Chateau Nightclub at Paris for giving us a truly fabulous VIP rooftop experience. Thanks to Chris from CrushHub for demo-ing your new site and giving us t-shirts, and, more importantly, running contests which allowed me to score some cash to help pay for BiSC 2013. And the biggest thank you in the history of gratitude to Nicole, the brainchild and godmother and organizer of BiSC, without whom none of this would have ever happened, and I never would have stepped out of my comfort zone not just once but twice and have signed on board for a three-peat. You are my hero.]

[No, I'm not getting paid to say ANY of these things.]

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