Monday, September 3, 2012

Earrings, IRL.

About a million years ago (approximately), when I was only in a mildly-excessive state of Pinterest usage, as opposed to my unhealthy levels of must-check-multiple-times-a-day usage that I am experiencing now, I found these lovely earrings, and I decided that I needed to own them.

I don't know why. I don't usually wear post earrings like this. The bigger and the danglier and the sparklier the better, in my book. Except if I'm really dressed down or something. Then I'll wear simple hoops from Target. (I have been wearing hoops since high school. One of my sister's friends even told me that she was going to start wearing hoops with her hoodies because it looked cool when I did it. It was totally my only Regina George moment.)

But I needed them. They were calling out to me, with all of their sophisticated loveliness and mint-aqua-ness. So I did what any normal person would do in this situation: I clicked the source link to go buy them.


Unfortunately, whoever pinned them, did so from Wanelo, which, at the time, was one of the biggest pain in the ass sites of all time, because it never pins directly to the item page, and you have to be logged in to even see an item page, if you're lucky enough to not lose the item you were there to see, in the process of trying to figure out where it came from. Even then, it didn't send you anywhere that you could buy the item. (As of writing this post, this thankfully seems to no longer be the case, the site actually makes sense now, but at the time, I remember I had the WORST time trying to navigate it and it took me FOREVER to find these guys. Also: hyperbole.)

So I did the next best thing and went to Etsy. I think there are a bunch of variations of this out there now, but I used my super-sleuthing skills and, with only the little bitty watermark in the corner and a visual of the item (also, they were listed as "mint" and not "aqua" because Pinterest is FULL OF LIES).... and I found them.

I think the price has gone up a couple dollars since then (which, if something I was selling suddenly got popular on Pinterest, I'd do the exact same thing.) (Also, I find it irritating that Blogger does not recognize Pinterest as a word yet. GET ON IT, GOOGLE.)

Either way, I placed my order and I waited and lo! One day my package FROM UKRAINE arrived.

Not only did I get my lovely little earrings (which were a little bigger than I was expecting, but it's all good), but they had the added bonus of being extra awesome because they came all the way from Ukraine.

I really have no point to this post other than "OOO PRETTY" and also "LOOK LOOK I ACTUALLY BOUGHT SOMETHING I FOUND ON PINTEREST" even though it was like six months ago and I'm a lazy and forgetful person.

Also: international mail FTW!

Actually: any mail FTW!

I want to start doing more snail mail. It's the best.

Have you actually ordered anything you've found on Pinterest? Was it as awesome in person?


chimes said...

I've ordered tons of stuff I found on pinterest, and only had one major let down: That St. Kilda love ring.

Jenn said...

I bought my iPad case on Etsy and it arrived from Korea! That was awesome. I don't think I've bought anything I found on Pinterest but I've definitely made things, so that's fun!

terra said...

I haven't bought anything I've seen on Pinterest YET, but I'm sure it's bound to happen. There are just too many pretty jewelry things on there that I need and want. Also, I should probably send the husband to my Pinterest for gift inspiration...