Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Buffet Curls

Today, I am going to teach you how I do my Buffet Curls. I call them "Buffet Curls" because I did my hair like this at BiSC and in the recap post where the following picture (from one of our buffet nights) was featured, Germana commented with "I love your buffet curls" and so now I just call them the Buffet Curls. Obviously.

(Ok, upon actually checking it, I guess she said "buffet hair" but potato, potahto.)

This must be prefaced with: I kind of suck at doing hair. It's one of the reasons I have long hair, as counterintuitive as that may sound. Short hair, for all its proclaimed ease, still requires a degree of styling, especially with the thickness and natural wave that mine possesses. Most of the really cute short hairstyles out there would require me to flatiron it every day. Whereas right now, the messy curls thing is (mercifully) still in, so I can sleep on my hair while it's damp and wake up and I have lovely tousled waves that somehow are "in" so I instead of looking unkempt, I look stylish.

My younger self would be very pleased about this.

My basic hair styles are thus: ponytail, twisty bun, half-up, and down. Down generally consisted of (a) the "leaving it up to chance and hoping I don't sleep on it weird" wave-curls (wurls?) and (b) the "spending so long with a straighTening iron that I start to break a sweat which then starts to negate the straightness because humidity and moisture makes my hair curly and frizzy" option.

But then.

One day I was at Target (like I tend to find myself on any given day) and I ended up in the hair appliance aisle and I found...the curling wand.

I've never been good at curling irons, though I've been blessed with the type of hair texture that easily takes curl and hangs onto it. And I've always been soooo jealous of the long, loose curls that I've never been able to figure out how to do. But this curling wand seemed pretty idiot-proof and I figured I'd give it a try.

It was magical.

Pictured: first attempt. 
I was so pleased I took a picture so that I could blog about it. SIX MONTHS+ LATER.

First of all, it's stupidly easy. You grab a piece of hair and start wrapping it around the thick part of the wand down to the narrow part of the wand. (They even give you this weird three-fingered glove so you don't burn your fingers. Which was really awesome so of course I've lost mine.) Hold it there for maybe twenty seconds and then slide the wand out.

Kind of like this Amazon product photo is doing.

Or this one. But maybe with less enthusiasm.


But the thing that has amazed me is how many compliments I've gotten. Every time I've done my hair like this (which really hasn't been often, for as easy as it is), people respond positively. I think the first time I tried it out was my third or fourth date with the BF and we went somewhere fancy so I curled my hair, and he really liked it.

Up to that point, I'd been straightening it, because for as much as a pain as it is to do, it's the only way I can guarantee how it will turn out. You'll notice that in most of my pictures it's straight - because I plan ahead for the days where I suspect there will be photo-taking activity. (Hey, I'm a planner. It's what I do.)

In hindsight, I'm really glad he liked the curly hair better... because that means I don't need to go through all that hassle of straightening it all the time. VICTORY.

Since then, though, I usually only curl it for special events - weddings, mostly. I curled it up nice for my sister's birthday party and her friend inquired as to how I did it and I explained about the Magic Wand (not a euphemism). One time I got ambitious and did it for work, and lo! More compliments and inquiries. (Full disclosure: I had a meeting that day that I knew the president of the company would be attending also, and she's always so stylish and pulled-together that I decided I should at least try to look nicer that day.)

Seriously, for as easy as it is, I should do it every day. But I guess it wouldn't be as special, then. I don't know.

Aaaaaaand this entire post sounds like a commercial for the Conair Magic Curling Wand 2000 or whatever it's actually called, but it's actually not sponsored at all (though I did throw in an affiliate link to Amazon, should you feel the desire to own one and want to, y'know, help me out), it's merely the result of an avalanche of compliments and people wondering how I did it.

Because I apparently don't subscribe to having beauty secrets. I WILL TELL EVERYONE.


chimes said...

Love your hair this way! I discovered the magic of a curling iron at some point, and it took way too much work, so I quit doing it. :)

for the record, i only started using a straightener with this cut, and only for my "bangs". :)

btchonheels said...

I still love your buffet curls/hair! When my hair gets long enough I'm totally getting one of those magical wands! :)