Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Extreme Home Blog Makeover

All right. I got anxious and went ahead and pulled the trigger on the blog redesign that I think I mentioned once that I was trying to do. And by "redesign" I mean that I changed the color scheme and plunked in a new header. I'm not sure I love it... but I needed a change. It's a perpetual work in progress. Kind of like me, and life. SO PROFOUND.

If you're in a reader, I won't even make you click through.




I can't quite bring myself to change the profile picture away from the avatar with the helmet (the "helmetvatar") because even though it's over two years old, I just love it so much.

I'm also forever irritated about the way my fonts get themselves screwed up. I mean, okay. I don't write every post in the post editor thingy. I write them elsewhere and paste them in. And it seems to screw everything up and the type is in different sizes and spacings and even fonts from post to post and my OCD senses 

I still have quite a bit of work to do. I should really clean up my social media buttons and actually piece together some legit HTML instead of faking it through an elaborate system of ropes and pulleys and pasted in links here and there, but... I suck at web design. I don't understand it. I really should get an "HTML for Dummies" book. Except I'm not even sure HTML is the right language to use anymore. And I am way too cheap to pay someone to design anything for me. At least when I hack it together myself, it's free.

I don't know. Something new, something different. We'll see how long it lasts until I change it again. WINKEY FACE EMOTICON.


chimes said...

If you write your posts in a simple text editor program (like notepad or text) it shouldn't do that. Or download a text editing program like this: http://www.textpad.com/

That should strip all the formatting out so you can still copy and paste. I personally hate copying and pasting from word, so if I have people do guest posts I strip their formatting out in a text editing program first.

there's this too: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/3-ways-to-strip-formatting-from-text-in-ms-word-2007/

PS nice redesign. :)

ameena said...

love the new header! i'm a want to do it allist too.

bambier said...

I love the header - it's very scrapbooky. Honestly, I think a header counts as a 'redesign' anyway. And I've learned my lesson in blog/website land. It's never done, but I want it all, and I want it all RIGHT NOW. Especially the shiny things... :)

Kelly L said...

@chimes - that's part of my problem - I was writing a post in TypePad but then it defaults to Arial and WON'T CHANGE. Grr.

@ameena - thanks lady! I was wondering if that would make sense to anyone but myself, glad it did :)

@Bambier - Thanks! I took inspiration for it from my slew of Pinterest boards. :)
You're right... it's NEVER EVER done. sigh.

Terra said...

Love the new header! It's spiffy!