Monday, October 8, 2012


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kelly who had a blog. Kelly used to write in (on?) her blog on a regular basis. Then Kelly got really uninspired and overwhelmed by her ridiculously cram-packed full schedule (aka LIFE) and kind of quit blogging and quit baking and quit doing everything because she was spending all her energy trying to not go crazy. But it’s hard for Kelly to get too crazy in the fall, because fall is the perfect season of all the seasons and it’s telling her to CALM THE EFF DOWN and so she’s going to try really hard to get all of her hobbies and projects back on track because the fact that they are off-track are making her depressed, and quite frankly, nobody wants that. Please stay tuned…

1 comment:

chimes said...

YAYYYYY. We need to start doing stuff together again. Stat.

I do have everything ever that's crafty in my craft room. Just sayin'.