Friday, October 19, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Blogging

 [Still shot from "Shoes" aka "Shoes. OMG Shoes."]

I never really used to be a "shoe person." I liked shoes as much as the next gal but it was never an obsession and I never really had to worry that I would spend excessive amounts of money on them. I wear my shoes until they wear out, unless they're really awesome shoes in which case I get afraid that I will wear them out so I don't wear them very much. Whenever I found myself with a surplus of cash, I would always joke about buying shoes, but I'd probably go buy books I don't have time to read or simply go to Target and that would take care of the problem.

Up until recently, I had one pair of cute boots. I had acquired a pair of what I lovingly called "hooker boots" from my college roommate - I was constantly borrowing them to the point where she told me just to keep them. They had a 2.5" heel and came to just above my calf and despite the fact that I am challenged when it comes to walking in heels, I could navigate these boots perfectly.

Unfortunately, as tends to happen with footwear, they started to wear out a bit. I made a mental note that I would need to find a new pair of black heeled boots to replace them, but instead, I kept wearing them. It was a vague thought that I never pursued.
And then, something happened.

I suddenly fell headfirst into a full-on boot obsession.

Not snowboots (though I did finally get a pair of those a few years ago, which was a long time coming since I live in THE MIDWEST WHERE IT SNOWS A LOT and all), definitely not Ugg boots, but... cute boots. "Fashion boots" as Target calls them.

I'm not sure how this happened, though on some level I'm sure Pinterest is to blame, or Target, maybe both of them, I don't even know. But I find myself staring at strangers' feet, whispering to whomever I'm with, "I love her boots!" and refraining from accosting said stranger and demanding to know where she got them. I've done the unthinkable and I own not one but TWO pairs of jeggings, which, I don't exactly have the body for, but it's the only way to properly showcase my boots.

My first foray into the fasionable boot category was this pair. It came from Target (natch) and were surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in. So I bought a second pair in gray.

By the time boot season was winding down, I decided it was imperative that I have a pair in black, also. Unfortunately, by this point, my size was sold out, so I had to look elsewhere. I bought a pair on clearance at the mall (I am rarely at the mall, so how this happened, I don't even know) which seemed like a great idea until I tried to wear them and made it as far as the bottom of the stairs leaving my apartment before I wanted to saw my feet off. I can't return them but I think I might sell them to a consignment shop. Or something.

Last February was our annual local adult charity prom, and the theme was superheroes, and I still haven't posted about that OR put my pictures on facebook, which I realized the other night, which is... a failure on my part, but anywho, I needed red boots (obviously) and eventually landed on this pair on eBay and then bought them.

They were a bit snug, to the point where I even had to verify with the seller that they were the right size, but I made them work. I don't wear them often, but they look awesome with a black dress, an idea that I may or may not have stolen from my friend Maria's engagement pictures. I admit nothing.

And I was content in my land of boots and all was well and merry until Target sent me an email a month or so ago that was all BOOTS. HEY KELLY YOU NEED SOME MORE BOOTS DON'T YOU and I was like, NO I DO NOT, but it won't hurt to look.... maybe a little... OMG THE CHANCE HAS COME TO BUY THE BLACK VERSION AFTER ALL, BUT WAIT, WHAT'S THIS?

And so it came to be that I now have a black pair for my collection.

In the interest of full disclosure, I own about ten pairs, though one of which is the aforementioned college-era pair which really needs to be sent to the Great Shoe Closet in the Sky, but I can't bring myself to part with them. My collection consists of a pair of flat black boots with no heel (though I suspect their lifespan is almost up, given that there are tiny holes forming on the bottom), a pair of black snowboots, a pair of gray suede boots with no heel that are pretty worn out but great for days when it's icky and I don't care about what happens to my footwear, the matching pair of gray and brown boots from Target last year, a pair of black boots that I was hoping would fill the void of the hooker boots but isn't quite there (though they are pretty comfortable) (also a clearance purchase), that red pair for special occasions, and then the new 2012 pair which SHOULD be a suitable pair for the "black boots with heels" category. Oh, and a pair of rainboots. And the pair that I need to sell but I don't count those because they're perpetually on their way out the door.

I forgot where I was going with this other than I think this post is a cry for help.


chimes said...

haha i love your ending to this post.

i need new boots. i've started wearing my leopard print boots again b/c all my other pairs are worn out.

Steph A said...

Hm, now i'm curious how many pairs i have...

1. ugly rain boots
2. rapidly dying old go-to boots
3. cute suede booties
4. ugly snow boots

...I think that's it. I need moar.

Kanriah said...

I really need new boots too side mine are either worn out or have a freaking stiletto heel & I really have no need for That at work. My current problem is that I discovered Clarks & those boots are probably as comfortable or more so than anything else I own & now I want them ALL. And I'm considering buying lots of skinny jeans to show them off.

I think I have a problem too that I'm not going to be able to resist much longer...

Terra said...

Last year was a year of boots for me too. I don't know what happened, but suddenly I needed ALL THE BOOTS. I don't have a collection as robust as yours, but I do love the four orso pairs I've purchased in the past year.

Anonymous said...

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