Friday, November 23, 2012

All The Tiny Pumpkins, All The Tiny Pumpkins

[The the title is to the tune of "Single Ladies" in the event that that wasn't clear to you because you're not in my head which is a strange and unpredictable place to be.]

I got an angry email from my sister after Monday's post that after all my hype about how tiny the Tiniest Pumpkin was, there were no pictures of it to back this up.

This was, of course, unacceptable to me, but it was too late to go back, so I decided to remedy the situation. Plus, it will keep me from a cranky rant about Black Friday and how it's turning into Black Thursday and how everyone is greedy and blah blah blah, TINY PUMPKINS.

First, Exhibit A: Me with Tiniest Pumpkin.

Exhibit B: Tiniest Pumpkin fits into the the palm of my hand.

Lastly, Exhibit C: Tiniest Pumpkin next to Tiny Pumpkin and next to a quarter, because everyone always uses quarters to show the size of something. It's the rule. I didn't make it.

Also, if I were to make a word cloud of my blog right now, I suspect that the word "pumpkin" would be size 72 point font and as bold as they can make it. Oy.

(Special thanks to Mich for counting 28 instances of the word "pumpkin" in the other post. ONE FOR EVERY YEAR THAT I DIDN'T GET TO GO TO A PUMPKIN PATCH. Sigh.)


Mich said...

omg it totally IS the tiniest cutest pumpkin!! good find!

Kelly L. said...

I figured nobody would believe me unless I posted PROOF!

terra said...

Yay tiny pumpkin!! So cute!

And I'm also NOT OKAY with Black Thursday. Or really with Black Friday either. It seems SO ADVERSE to the whole meaning of Thanksgiving to me and makes me want to hulk smash things, mostly.