Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fifty Shades of Purple

I saw this map on facebook and I thought it was kind of brilliant. It goes to show how the general population isn't quite so black and white (err, red and blue) when it comes to voting for a presidential candidate. Some states are definitely more blue-twinged or red-twinged than others, but you can see that, overall, the outcome is actually pretty diverse. When it comes down to the all-or-nothing electoral college votes, it's easy to miss this and I think it's a really interesting point to ponder.

I also liked this map, which shows the United States as proportioned by population - explaining why all those little states out east make such a big difference when it comes to declaring the winner, and why when it looks like a large majority of the country goes one way, it's actually a bit misleading. Sure, the big strip through the middle may have gone red, but the population density is higher on the edges.

Anyway. Just some largely useless but very interesting (to me) infographics. I'll be honest, I've been so wound up for so long that it's hard to retreat from politics cold-turkey, but don't worry, we should return to normal pretty soon.

Even if it means I have to find an Uncle Sam costume to dress my cat up in, just to bridge the transition.

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