Monday, November 19, 2012

P is for Pumpkin

For the first full 28 years of my life, I had never been to a pumpkin patch. If your reaction to this is anything like that of my BF, you will be staring at me like I had sprouted a third eye in the middle of my forehead. How is this possible, you ask? Well... I don't really know. We always got our pumpkins at the grocery store. My sister and I would pick out which ones we wanted, we'd bring them home, we'd draw the faces on them, and then make my dad scoop out all the gooey bits from the inside. (It's all... stringy. Ew! Though if I were to do it today, I would probably sit there and gleefully scoop out pumpkin innards with my bare hands and giggle like an idiot. Because: have you met me?)

The other part of the strange look was based on the fact that I'm a bit of a pumpkin fanatic. *cough*

As it so happened, on the last Saturday of September, as we were taking the back way home from the wedding of one of my very best friends and enjoying the beautiful fall afternoon (it was a brunch wedding - we did not skip out early, how dare you think such a thing), when I happened to look out my window and saw a field full of pumpkins. I casually mentioned that I'd never actually been to a pumpkin patch, got the aforementioned look of disbelief, and BF promptly pulled the car over to the makeshift parking lot of the pumpkin farm. I was irrationally excited about this.

First stop was to look at all of the gourds and tiny pumpkins that they had already harvested... I found an adorable Tiny Pumpkin and decided that it would be mine. They had giant pumpkins and normal sized pumpkins and they were all wonderful, BUT: the mission was to find our own pumpkins out in the patch.

I think if the late afternoon hadn't been so unexpectedly hot, we would have stayed longer and gone all the way to the end of the patch, where it was less picked over, but we found some pretty good pumpkins all the same. We each picked out a pumpkin to carve, and then we found a medium sized one that we decided to take home, too. And then I found the Tiniest Pumpkin of all the Tiny Pumpkins (it was in the gourd bin, which, okay, fine, I think pumpkins might TECHNICALLY be gourds, but you know what I mean. Decorative gourds.) (Tiniest Pumpkin is not to be confused with the Decorative Not-Really-Pumpkin Pumpkins that everyone uses to decorate with. It doesn't have all the pronounced ridges of Gourd Pumpkins... it's basically like Tiny Pumpkin, but smaller.) (This whole paragraph has deteriorated rapidly in terms of coherency.) Anyway, we went home with five pumpkins of various sizes.

Not pictured: Tiniest Pumpkin

Aaaand we never got around to actually carving them. We decided to wait until after we got back from Portland (another thing I have yet to really blog about in depth) so they didn't rot away while we were gone, then we got back and the poor BF was sick, and then it was Halloween and then it wasn't, and he pointed out that if we just left them, they would totally double as Thanksgiving decorations.

I'm totally determined to carve them after Thanksgiving, though. Maybe I'll make a Christmas pumpkin. A Sant-o-Lantern. Ha.

Me and Tiny Pumpkin.
Tiniest Pumpkin is even smaller than this one.

If anyone wants to count how many times I used the word "Pumpkin" in this post, there's a giant Internet hug waiting for you. I'm curious, but lazy.


Mich said...

I counted 28. LOL (and I totally counted twice to be sure... thats a lot of use of the word pumpkin!).

I have never been to a pumpkin patch either! I want to! Especially if they have the tiniest teeny pumpkins!! Eeek!

Kelly L said...

BAHAHA awesome, thanks for your dedication to the cause. I wish I could send you a tiny pumpkin for your troubles. Because everyone needs a tiny pumpkin.

Kelly L. said...

BAHAHA awesome, thanks for your dedication to the cause. I wish I could
send you a tiny pumpkin for your troubles. Because everyone needs a tiny

Stephanie Fink said...

28. I did that using ctrl + f which, in chrome, shows me the number of times my search appears on the page. :D

Kelly L. said...

TRICKY. I've been using Firefox. It does not tell me such handy information. *pout*

terra said...

We definitely hit the pumpkin patch and forgot to carve our pumpkins too, but they stuck around FOREVER. They don't really go bad, at least not for a while, and I think we still had little pumpkins chillin' on our buffet in February.